Monday, May 30, 2011

The Break Down - Multiple Stealth Kill - Pathfinder RPG

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords/Two Thrones Inspired
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fueled

In PoP: RS the Prince becomes even more like our classic rogue with 'speed kills' that are very clearly Sneak Attacks. In the beginning they are rather straight forward, much like in early adventures at the table.

As you progress through PoP: RS the speed kills get more complex by number of attacks, targets to kill and distance between targets. Playing through I couldn't help but think about how to pull off similar feats in my table top roleplaying games.

For one reason or another I never had a chance to or forgot about it. Recently I find myself thinking about it again (and playing PoP: RS) so now I will break down this complex Sneak Attacks and present it to my audience using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

First, I am using the rules as I view them as there are no solids on how this should break down. Below are the PC and NPC(s) I will use for my examples. Both are inspired by PoP: RS but are quick builds, not exact attempt to put the characters on paper. For the purpose of these examples, all d20 rolls will be presumed to be 10s and damage rolls will go with the average result. Nonlethal damage from falling will be ignored as it is mostly irrelevant here.

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The beginning speed kills are simple and easily relay to straight forward Sneak Attacks so let's skip over and move onto 'death from above' Sneak Attacks.

Set Up: The Prince is on a ledge 10 feet above a single guard (mook).

Pre-combat: The Prince drops down behind making two checks, Acrobatics for the drop and Stealth to avoid detection by the guard. The Prince makes a 26 on the Acrobatics (DC 15) avoiding fall damage and a 23 for Stealth vs. guard's Perception 11.

Surprise Round: Prince Sneak Attacks the guard for 20 vs. guard's flat footed AC 14 dealing 11 damage. This drops the guard to 0 HP giving him the staggered condition.

Round 1: The Prince goes first with Initiative 18 vs. guard's 11. The Prince attacks normally with 20 vs. AC 15 dealing 11 damage again killing the guard and ending combat.

Now let's change the set up slightly along with the "style" of the attack.

Set Up: The Prince is 15 feet above the guard braced in a tight alcove. Being in the alcove is a DC 15 Climb check that the Prince beats with a 22 and stays hidden with the same previous Stealth vs. guard's same Perception check.

Surprise Round: The Prince drops down combining the fall and Sneak Attack into one, creating a falling Charge and skipping over the Stealth check for the drop. The Prince easily passes the Acrobatic check and moves onto the Sneak Attack, this time the attack a 22 because of the Charge beating AC 14 dealing 11 damage. Things repeat as before and we move on to the next example.

Now we go for the entire enchilada.

Set Up: The Prince has two guards to deal with, one 15 feet below and the other guard 15 feet away. Conveniently both guards are facing the same direction.

Surprise Round: The Prince will drop down on top of the guard to the same square. Some might say this is a grapple attack but given the intent is not to wrestle, I do not think it is a grapple but on a side note; grappling causes a loss to Dex so one could get repeated Sneak Attacks.

Again we will combine the drop with the attack making another Charging Sneak Attack. There is an Acrobatic check for the drop and this time a Stealth but it is for the other guard 15 feet away. All checks passed, attack is successful and the Prince deals damage.

Round 1: The Prince goes first, and the guards go next at the same time. The Prince Leaps (move action) to the other guard (DC 15 Acrobatics, 30 if not for Expert Leaper). If the previous Sneak Attack killed or put unconscious the first guard there is no Attack of Opportunity. If staggered there might not be AoO (see your GM) or he might not even take it. If the guard is still in fighting condition then he will most likely get AoO.

One could combine Acrobatic checks to pass through threaten squares with the leap or make them separate checks. Some GMs might not a 'pass through' check because your leaping, mileage will vary.

Presuming the Prince passes the check(s) he makes it to the other guard to attack (standard action). With the Leap/straight movement this could be considered a Charge like drop. Also with the passed Stealth check the second guard should be flatted footed getting in another Sneak Attack.

Further Rounds: From here depends on the exact results of your attacks/ what the NPCs do on their turns.

I hope this inspire others to try 'crazy' things in their games and so how to do them within rule mechanics and not look at mechanics as hindrance.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Introduction, Quick and Dirty

I am John/Gwynn Templeton and as the title of this blog suggest I am a bigender kinky gamer. This blog is about me living this life as I learn about myself and hopefully inspire others to be themselves.

Bigender - It has been about a year and half since I fully embraced who I am and let Gwynn out for the first time. I am still learning about myself and just joined the transgender community.

Kinky - My eyes were first open to this world and aspect of myself in high school but lost my way until recently. Starting to get back in but cautious perhaps overcautious.

Gamer - I have been playing video games since about age 10, table top role playing since 2005 and started LARPing in 2007 but currently on a break from live action.