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PF2 Homebrew: Nurd Ancestry

 Well here something a little different than usual for this blog, this kind of stuff usually on Shardfinder but doesn’t fit Eberron so I am posting it here but what is it? A homebrew ancestry based on Nerd Candy, well more so their mascot(s) but why?

As the posting of this blog Nerds and ‘Dungeon and Dragons’ have a cross promotion going on where you can get adventures with pregenerated characters with your purchase of Nerd products. You can check the website about it here. I bought some Nerds to go with a recent movie experience (Saung-Chi and the Legends of the 10 Rings; it so good! Go see it!)

Given I already had the Nerds, after the movie I went to the internets and checked out the promo or what I could access with just one buy in. I was hoping to see a silly new Nerd race but I was disappointed…

 It been awhile since I dug into 5e but seem like they just treating the pregen as a blank as far as race or perhaps they just reskin a halfling or something, I am not 100 percent sure but certainly didn’t seem like something new. So I made a decision…

I am am much more familiar with Pathfinder 2e so I decided to make it an ancestry for that instead. Below you find my Nurd Ancestry, made for silly and hopefully fun read. Be warn; this was made mostly for the laughs with minimum effort to give options or balance so if you decide to use this/play it there might need tweaking; either way I love to here about it.

If below does entertain you in either read or at use at the table please consider supporting me at my Patreon (hyperlink) or leaving a tip at my Ko-fi. Art by Eriana Ura-Smith who you can find at www.erianaura.art and you can follow her on twitter/instagram at @ErianaUrSmith.

Nurd Ancestry

No one is quite sure where nurds came from, including themselves but rumor has it they were accidentally created by a famed gnome confectionist and alchemist Nilly Nanka in their pursuit of a new taste experience.

If you want to play a character that frankly silly, potentially helpful and provides ridiculous mental pictures as they try to function in society and combat, you should probably play a Nurd OR not. If it not clear this ancestry is in humor and jest, given minimum effort for balance and options but if you crazy enough to do it I love to hear about.

Physical Description

Nurds have a rough resemblance to oversized frogs with thicker back legs with feet that look more like three thick appendages hands while missing their front legs whose eyes grew too close together. Their skin comes in a variety of dull and bright colors with some even being multi color with simple patterns. There seems to be no rhyme or reasons to the coloring as some clans or as nurds call them: boxes, all share the same or similar coloration and others have random colors. Their skin usually has a semi glossy appearance and while looking smooth it’s more a series of interlocking micro shells or scales.

Nurds tend to range in height from 2 feet to 3 feet with Jumbo Nurds ranging from 4 half to almost 6 whiles being wider, at least in the hips, then other ancestries of similar heights. While some nurds identify as various genders they seem to have no secondary sexual characteristics and keep their means reproduction private.


Different boxes or tribes seem to have found their own styles of names but generally they seem to favor own to two syllable names. 

Hit Points 6

Size Small

Speed 25 feet

Ability Boosts Dexterity and Intelligence

Languages Common, Gnomish Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if its positive). Choose from the list of common languages and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

Traits Nurd

No Arms Nurds do not have arms or hands.

Deft Feet Nurds have adapted to use their feet as well as anyone’s hands but slows them down. Your feet qualify for free hand or hands as long as correct number of feet are not holding anything and you can hold/wield items in your feet as if they were hands. If holding an item your speed reduced by 5 and if both your feet are holding the same item your speed reduce by 10.

Spark of Inspiration Nurds seems to naturally inspire people and are constantly ready to help. You can Aid an ally without having to spend an action to prepare to help and you treat critical failures to aid as just failures.

Tasty When a creature takes a Swallow Whole action against you, your DC is reduced by 2.

Nurd Heritages

Being a recently appeared people Nurds seem to have spread quickly around the globe and seem to adept surprising well to any environment. Choose one of the following nurd heritages at 1st level.

Jumbo Nurd

 You are from a clan or ‘box’ of larger Nurds or had an overkill growth spirit in your youth. Change your ancestry HP to 8 and you may swap your Dexterity Ability Boost for Strength one instead. Additionally, you can wield two handed weapons in one foot but this not qualify for increased damage of Two Handed trait weapons.

Rope Nurd

Your clan or ‘box’ utilize ropes where they live to move around and get to places. Whenever you Critical Failure a Climb Check, you get a Failure instead.

Hoppin Nurd

Your clan or ‘box’ live in places where they had to move over gaps quickly, most likely to avoid predators. These Nurds teen to have pink or blue ‘rainbow’ pattens then being a solid color. You can perform a Leap as part of your Stride action with the Leap covering your remaining movement.

Slushes Nurd

Your clan or ‘box’ lives in at least semi watery environment and had to swim regularly to get around and get things down. You gain a swim speed equal to half your Speed.

Ancestry Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a nurd, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

1st Level————————————————

Sour Nurd Feat 1
| Linage | Nurd |
Being sour tasting is a semi common trait among Jumbo Nurds but any Nurd bay be born with this quality. Replace Tasty with below.
Sour Whenever a creature attempts to Swallow Whole you, they must Succeed on a DC 5 Flat Check first or Swallow Whole Automatically fails.

Nurd Lore Feat 1
| Nurd |
Nurds try to live inspirational and helpful lives while avoiding those that might chose to eat them. This can have a rather physical demand on you; you become trained in Athletics and Acrobatics skills. If you automatically learn these skills at trained from another source you may choose to learn different skills instead. You also become trained in Nurd Lore.

Nurd Weapon Familiarity Feat 1
| Nurd |
You trained in the use of weapons more easily used by your people’s unique form. You have the trained proficiency with shortsword, katar, spear and hand crossbow along with gaining access to these weapons. In addition, you gain access to all uncommon nurd weapons. For you, martial nurd weapons are simple weapons, and advanced nurd weapons are martial weapons.

Greater Inspiration Feat 1
| Nurd |
By working and talking with you those you aid always seem to find their tasks easier. Whenever you succeed or critical succeed an Aid check your provided bonus to your ally goes up by one.

5th Level————————————

Crunchy Shell Feat 5
| Nurd |
Your already tough shell like body has grown extra layers and is hard to bypass, well most things. You gain Resistance piercing and slashing equal to half your level (minimum 1) and Weakness 1 to Bludgeoned.

Nurd Weapon Shenanigans Feat 5
| Nurd |
Prerequisite Nurd Weapon Familiarity
You are adapt at wielding your chosen weapons common among Nurds. When you critically succeed at an attack roll using a shortsword, katar, spear, a hand crossbow or a Nurd weapon, you apply that weapon’s critical effect.

9th Level————————————

Extra Sour Feat 9
| Nurd |
Prerequisite Sour Nurd
Perhaps it your attitude or just your environment but it even harder for things to stand your taste and eat you. The flat check to Swallow Whole becomes DC 10 and any Gray or Improved Grab attached to jaws or similar attack now must make a Flat DC 5 check in order to succeed.

Neon Nurd Feat 9
| Nurd |
You have tapped into a forgotten or lost aspect of nurd-kind and your shell like body changes to have a bright hew. You gain shocking grasp as a 2nd level Innate primal spell you can cast twice per day.

13th Level————————————

Nurd Weapon Self Inspired Feat 13
| Nurd |
You have improved your nurdcore weapons of choice; Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in a given weapon or weapons, you also gain that proficiency in the shortsword, katar, spear, hand crossbow or a Nurd weapon in which you are trained.

Monday, May 31, 2021

LEGO Creator German Shepherd 30578 Review for MFO

WoW, First Post of 2021 and First post in awhile; specially for MF0. Sorry about that; life and work got away from me. Well got away from a lot of people but glad to get one of these out again. Though this post not about that, it about LEGO and MF0 so let's get started!

The Bag

I found this polybag at Target but I haven't seen it there since but looks like you can find it on their website including at store pick up! Like many Creator sets there is technically 3 builds in this polybag BUT two of them (Spider and Snake) are PDF instructions on the LEGO site; should note these instructions are not part of the LEGO Instructions App at the time of writing this blog post. 
The Frame - Front
Can you build some sort of creation right away? 
The Frame - Back
I made a pretty simple and small quad walker that a bit different then some. I say the legs might be a bit simple BUT honestly the 3 builds meant for these parts could all serve as templates for potential animal shaped frame builds, more so the snake and the spider then the German Shepherd. Not quite enough to play with Systems right from the bag I believe if using it that way but this is very close to a 'frame in a bag'. +5 Points 
Parts 1
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio? The Golden Ratio is $0.10 per part.
Parts 2
$4.99/76 pieces = $0.07 per part. While the bag is about a dollar more then most polys the increase part count makes it a deal of useful parts but maybe not the most popular colors. +5 points
Parts 3
If you can't build a frame right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away? 
Parts 4
Quite certainly a yes though most likely leaning chicken/hi-leg style walkers or multi leg frames. +5 points
Parts 5
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts? 
Set - The Dog
I have clearly already answered this making +5 points. 
Set - The Spider
Total: This is an A+ pretty much; it not the most fun colors and sort of lacking pieces for general system building or making more 'traditionl' frames out of the bag but it a great part bag none the less. 
Set - The Snake
Thanks for coming back or welcome if first time here or coming from another project of mine. As I get more things settled I hope to get back to this more in some form along with starting new projects or restarting old ones.