Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gender Fluid - One Voice, Two things being said


When John says, "I like your outfit." Gwynn means, "I want your outfit."

When John says, "I love your outfit." Gwynn means, "I would look better in it."

When John says, "I adore your outfit." Gwynn is thinking about breaking your neck and taking the outfit.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Recently I started on a diet, correction I adjusted my diet. I have reduced the amount of soda I drink and when I do it is mostly diet soda.

Along with that I have reduce my amount if candy and snacks. I might have a candy bar once a week and spread a bag of chips over a week or two.

Finally I have just tried to eat less and drink more water. Take my time eating, smaller servings and less second servings.

So far I have lost 12 pounds since I started and hope to lose 20 more by next February. Sometimes I go up but usually make up for it in the following week which is fine. You have to remember that you're human and you will have bad days.

I know to some this doesn't seem much like a 'diet' but from everything I have read this is all you have to do and it is working. Losing weight is about eating smarter, not denial.

Also from what I read you can increase your odds of success by telling people what you’re doing and explaining it. When you tell others you are subconsciously holding yourself to them, so here I am holding myself to my reader(s) and soon to my friends on Facebook. I will try to give updates in future posts and status updates.

Current Weight: 231

Some might be wondering why I am dieting and I have three reasons.

1) Health: I am overweight and borderline close to obese along with family history diabetes.

2) Support: The Spousal Equivalent is on Weight Watchers. Being on a diet is easier when everyone you live with is, even if they are different diets.

3) Vanity: I want to look better, fit in my clothes better and have more options for buying new cloths.

Transmission Out!