Sunday, February 18, 2018

MF0 Expanded: The Evolution of a Rhino

Generation 1
The Rhino, one of my most favorite frame builds that have taken a bit of a life of its own to the point that it might be my most iconic but not really used by the community build. It a more unusual design of frame with layers and layers of plates.

The Original Concept Rawing

To be frank it a box with legs but it a box with legs that had style that looked menacing. It all started with a drawing with future plans that never happened until this: a contest; Atavism's Non-Combat Frame Contest. The Rhino was one of many of my submissions. I found the contest rather inspiring.

I was runner up three in the contest which got me Starflower's Special Achievement. He had to build a non-combat from of my choice. I picked Journalism. You can see all that on the Announcement Thread.

Of course next Atavism had to take it a step further and made his own combat versions of the frames on his Total War Appreciation Tour.

I liked his version a lot and thought I could improve the Rhino.

Seems I never posted the improved version to The Hangar but I am sure I did to The University (Discord) but you get to see it here.

Generation 2
Much better looking frame and sadly I have never physically bricked it up...yet. I really should make a squad of these though my love for this frame has lead to some other outputs such as a short story type thing.

Rhino Charge

If you like a closer look at the Rhino, how it built and maybe some combat varients I have come up with than check out my Sketchfab.

Lastly, I commission art of the Rhino. I wanted to see it outside of the Brick into something you might see in an anime or the pages of a manga. We know what our beloved Chub looks like 'in the flesh', why not my Rhino? So the following is all made by the Awesome and Talented Alan B and you should check out his deviantart after looking at this section of his work: shinypants.

Front - Construction

Back - Construction

Combat Retro Fit

Well thank you for coming along this journey with me; I hope it was fun, you enjoyed what you saw and please feel free to bring the Rhino into your own squads. I love to see pictures of them posted in any of our MF0 groups or just #MF0 on Twitter, Instagram and other places!