Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post NekoCon 14: A Little Late

Well, Hampton's anime convention, NekoCon, has come and gone. Over all I had a great time, though I think one of the best parts was my friend Jeff and I having fun at the photo-shoot booth which was a fantastic deal.

Artist Alley was huge with many prints that I wanted to take home but really do not have room for let alone money. I did get my usual custom con badge (see pictures below) and got a few prints along with some stuff for my partner.

As usual I skipped over the video rooms being too busy with the Main Events which means I stayed out the Panels as well. Jeff and I tried to go to one Panel, Pheonix Wright mock trial, but the line was huge long by the time we got there that we didn't even bother.

Speaking of Main Events, I was surprised at the AMV Contest content was dominated by what I presume is a new anime that I am not familiar with called Ouran High School Host Club. I swear 18 out of 23 videos used this anime.

My only real disappointment was MC Frontalot, which put on a great show but was about 2 hours late getting started. When I have some money to spare I think I will pick up some of his albums, I am sure he is on iTunes.

Below is what everyone is waiting for, Con pictures. Now when I take pictures, I go for what I find cool or impressive or just like the character. I tried to identify characters as I know them. If you do, please shoot me an email so I can change it. If you are in any of the photos and like to have me take them down, again email me and I will be glad to do so.

I, Praying to the Users
Custom Con Badge

Aruther Dent


Convention Center Hallway


Miyoko, Nekcon Mascot

Reiko and Takeo, Nekocon Mascots

Poison Ivy

Sailor Scouts

Spartan chocking out Riddler!

Speed Racer

Steampunk Group

Tech-priest of Mars

Tony Stark
Jeff and I at the end of
the Photo-Shoot. He is a
Generic MGS Soldier (Alerted!)
Fran and Baltheir

Travis Touchdown

Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Transgender Day of Remembrance

This past Sunday, Nov 20th, was Transgender Day of Remembrance (T-DoR). My church (FYI, I am a Unitarian Universalist - Pagan) had an evening service and candle vigil for T-DoR, which I took part of in fact by reading off some of the names of those that we have lost in the past year across the world. It was a great service.

To show my support and raise awareness in my church I went to the service as my female side, Gwynn. This would be the first meeting of my church and Gwynn face to face. A selected few in the church knew about me being bigender until quite recently when I came out as part of a LGBT panel to educate the church's youth.

It was a great experience and very supportive in fact though it was not surprising as everyone at the service was there showing their support for the Transgender community, the bigger challenge would be a normal service that we have every Sunday.