Sunday, March 29, 2015

LEGO Chima IceKlaw's Bear Mech

The Bag
So I picked up this bad buy up at TRU but I have been hearing of reports of it appearing at other locations so keep your eye open for this one!

Parts 1
Can you build some sort of creation right away?

I made a little frame that looks like it hops or hovers around but I think it more 4p scale. +5

Parts 2
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio?

$3.99/39 = $0.10 per part, a very rare break even! ZERO points but nothing loss either!

Jumper Side by Side
If you can't build a creation right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away? 

This is a big yes, this is the first set I can thing of that has had the claws used in Chub Arms. Also some good gun pieces for Intercept Zero. I really like these clear blue pieces in this set. +5 points.

Jumper d6Rd d6Rd d6B Image Image
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts? 

Most certainly, just about the entire bag are useful parts of some level. +5 points.

The Set Side by Side
Total: So we have an 8 set which is almost a frame in a bag really. With just a few more bricks to fill up the core you could have a nice melee frame ready to go to tear up your enemies!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dr. Strangebrick or How I Learned to Relax and Love the Bricklink

So first what is Bricklink?

It is a hub/host for 3rd market LEGO stores selling the individual LEGO bricks we crave!

It can sometimes be a confusing and intimidating place for the new user so I thought I write this blog post for a reference. Mind you I am no Bricklink wizard but I have used the site ever so often and have gotten some tips along the way. As I learn more I will hopefully update this blog post as well.


So first go to and create a Login

Want Lists are your friend. You make them as random parts you are looking for or build them around a build you have in mind. Let's start with clicking the Wanted tab then click My Wanted List.

Here you can use the Add New Wanted List to make the list, just pick a name then click Add New Wanted List. For me it is Special Ruler. Now we have to fill up the list. Next go to the search on the top, switch it to Catalog then type in which piece you are looking for. Part numbers work along with descriptions but sometimes you have to figure it out. You can get names or numbers from the LDD but sometimes the system might work off old numbers or just given a different name. Try screen capturing the part in LDD and do an image search, the results to get old part numbers or name alternates might surprise you.

Now that you found your piece, click Add to My Wanted List. This will take you to the Add Part Screen.

Now pick a color, stick to Known Color and make sure to change Add To to the Wanted List you have in Mind before scrolling down to click add. Now Repeat until you have your completed Wanted List. Of course if you are just after one part you don't need to be doing all this.

Now we have our completed list I recommend you go filling out the Min Qty sections then update. Next I suggest writing it down or printing it out. As you go shopping cross out what you have gotten, or change the number on your physical list. Or you can just delete and update your Wanted List as you go. The Wanted List gives a list of stores that have what you are looking for and you can mess with the filter on top to get different results. I suggest trying to keep in your country to keep shipping and handling low generally speaking but sometimes going out is the way to go. Also check min purchase if you are not looking to buy a whole lot.

Once you are checking out a store you can click on a link that will have the store search your wanted list then you can set that up to be a specific list. Now you can see what they have that you are looking for. Sometimes you might have to go through a few stores to find one that has all you want with prices you are good with, looking for a balance. If it is some of the more less common parts then you might have to go to a few different stores ordering separating some of the parts to get what you want. After that check out!

Now the ordering is a bit different then say Amazon. The system will send a request to the store seller who should hopefully get back to you in 3 days confirming they have everything and your final total. Once you have that, THEN you pay. Please review after receiving (or not) your order. Be honest and fair about it, if it good or bad give the report so everyone else can know!

I hope this helps and happy shopping!

Additional Advice From Wm Bryon Duncan-

When looking at what store has what, use the store filters too to limit the areas/countries you are comfortable buying from. Then look at % of Positive feedback (I stick with 99+, or maybe 98+ if recent feedback is good), then read recent feedback. My one not-good (I can't call it bad), was a non-communicative seller that took weeks to ship. Otherwise, all good experiences. There are other Bricklink guides out there, even some videos IIRC.

Also be sure to check min buy qty and shipping costs.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Road to PAX East 2016: As the Corvid Flies

So I think the community around this little game Mobile Frame Zero is great! I really didn't become a part of it until after I got my Rulebook in my hand because that is when it really became real for me. Shortly after I ordered my first parts on Bricklink and started diving into our different social media areas (G+ Community, Facebook Group and  the Hanger aka the forum).

With that also came discovering MantisKing's The Mobile Frame Garage which sort of changed everything I guess. I was inspired, specifically reviews. I wanted to do them too so...I did. Thankfully in this community, imitation is the best form of flattery and this was no different it seems. MantisKing was never threaten or upset  or insulted but did notice. A sort of fun rivalry has developed and anyone that has been following me and him long enough has noticed I have certainly found my own voice and style with my reviews/blogs along with my presence within the community.

Besides the Creator Gods their are names of people that I reconigze, people who I have chatted with online and now I want to meet them along with the Creator Gods; so I need to be where the people are. PAX EAST!

Though if I was going to do it I wanted to do it as Dark Cloud Blogs, that requires an event, event that sort of started as a joke.

One Day in Nightstar's IRC MF0 Channel MK (MantisKing) and myself were talking when about what it would take to do minifigure scale which started a thought process. That process became a post ( Scales, Sizes and Standards ) which lead to a challenge against my most heated nemesis; MK! Minifigure Scale MF0 match to an audience at PAX East 2016! He agreed which solidified my choice to go to PAX East 2016!

I wouldn't mind a third player and the essential thing here is to have this as an event at PAX East to help promote our 'little game',  maybe with a posted scores with large dice for spotting and defense. Might need some help.

In MK's RPE2016 post he thinks I already have all my frames built...I do, sort of. I have things that I could use if I had to but not what I WANT to use. Talk about that in future posts.

I am up for his stated ideas and looking forward to finding out what the other ones are. So come join us and let's make the next PAX East the Year of the Frame! Look out for some Road to PAX East 2016 Hangouts in the near future!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

LEGO Bionicle Hero Pack Showcase for MF0

The Bag
Another freebie from the LEGO online Store and sort of a disappointment even though it was free.

Parts 1
The 9 pieces includes the stick, the map and the instructions/comics but it also sort of said that on the packaging but still.

"Parts" 2
The leg pieces are kind of cool and might make it on a quad+ legged frame one day or such but I don't think the masks are much use for MF0 in any form.

LEGO Elves Azari's Magic Fire Showcase for MF0

The Bag
Well, I got this free from LEGO online store for ordering an Elves set. Not the biggest for parts polybag but it was free so what you expect. Though if I did have to pay for it I presume it would be under the golden ratio given most poly bags are $3.99 which would put this very over the golden ratio.
Parts 1
I couldn't get a frame out of this and not very many usual parts for building in general but it does give us an idea of the Elves color pallet.

Parts 2
Alien landscape trees perhaps? I am looking forward to see what else the Elves sets have to offer.

The Set

Saturday, March 7, 2015

LEGO The LEGO Movie Double-Decker Couch Review for MF0

The Box
So I am a huge fan of this movie (Pre-ordered the Blu-Ray the same day I saw it in theaters) but really didn't go after the sets for it but I did want this one for my displaying collection but decided to do a review on it anyways. I am glad I did.

Introducing the Gun Bunny
Can you build some sort of creation right away? 

Yes, yes I did but it was close. I made the cute little frame above which I am really proud of. Might try to reproduce it but not sure. Will post a break down at the bottom of the review if anyone is interested. Gun Bunny Lives for +5
Parts 1
Parts 2
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio? ($0.10 per part)

$14.99/197 = $0.07 per part making it below average! +5 points!

Parts 3, look at those eyes!
Parts 4
If you can't build a creation right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away?

Absolutely! +5

Side by Side
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts?

That is certainly the truth but also big amount of ify parts too but will stick to +5.

The Set
Total: I am really excited for this set but not for Mobile Frame Zero, but for the movie itself that it comes from. I had some trouble getting a frame out of it but I REALLY like the frame that did come from it. By the points this is an A+ set but I think it more like A and half a plus if that makes sense. If you are looking for some of the parts in this set that come in as huge amounts then certainly pick this up.

Gun Bunny Build:

The Head
Gun Bunny Torso
Gun Bunny Leg