Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ionix Tenkai Knights Blind Bag Showcase for MF0

The Bags
So given these were on sale and my other Tenkai Knight post fell through I decided to check these out instead. Though I am going to say this isn't going to be a normal review but more of a showcase.


Here we have the contents of my four bags, and only one repeat so that good. Looks like the bags average four pieces though some of them are interesting. I picked up each of the bags for $1.48 but the original price was $2.99. Divide that by four gives us a price per piece of $0.75!!! That is way above the ratio but the body piece is a rather unique part.


Here we have them 'open' and not in brick mode. One on the bottom left I have flipped over so we can use the back...poor choice with the black.

Here we have them put together and well these could work for a 4p scale. The helmets being defense and the clear weapons being weapon systems. Of course you might be able to build a frame off the bodies...maybe. There might have to be a revisit. Over all I am not that impressed.