Saturday, June 9, 2012

Scrambled Eggs

Recently the Spousal Equivalent had her "Tubes Tied" (actually they were clamps made to pinch them shut I believe.) This was the end result of a conversation that I believe started shortly after we moved in together about 2 1/2 years ago. It was never brought up on purpose, it would just come in conversation ever so often.

We realized and agreed that we were not in a 'place' in our life to have children and if was only a few years off it would not be safe for her to be carrying and give birth. This led to the final decision of having her 'baby maker shut off' (FYI at the end of the day, it is ultimately her decision.) but this is not the end of children; there is always 'second hand kids'.

Adoption and/or fostering is always an option when we get into that 'place'. In fact we decided if we do we focus on LGBT youth given they are hard to place along with the rise of homeless LGBT youth. All in good time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Claude's Big Adventure: Disc Golf and Colonial Williamsburg

With today's blog I would like to introduce everyone to my friend Claude (You will see him in the following pictures). We had a big day plan and here are pictures from our big day.

First Stop, Newport News Disc Golf Course!

This was his first time Disc Golfing
While waiting for the other players we decided to get some practice.


Claude got a little excited during practice. By the way, Claude is Chlamydia.
Once everyone else joined us we got started.

Claude's First throw...not a very good sign.

The guy needed a break half way thru.
Claude came in last but it was his first game so that is expected and alright. We maintained our high spirits and met up with my girlfriend. Why got into our time machine and set the destination to Colonial Williamsburg!

Here we are crossing the Bridge of Time together!

Claude enjoying his Tavern Pretzel, our snack to hold off lunch.

Claude had a blast!
Due to it being a very windy day in the antiquarian town Claude's picture moments were very limited but Claude and I will have further adventures in the future!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Honestly, I really don't like my job but that is not accurate. My job is not that bad, it is the people that I work with and specifically it is certain aspects of them I have issues with. With these many factors I avoid showing 'aspects of Gwynn' which is pretty much shutting part of my self down but I try to find little ways to help keep my sanity.

One of them is wearing nail polish purely on my toes and buttons on my bag that they don't pay attention too or don't understand. My newest sanity fix is shoelaces, or more specifically changing out the shoelaces on my work-boots from the plain black to purple with sparkles.

Said Work-Boots with Improved Laces

As you can see, it is much improvement. They make me smile at work and that is grand. I got some flak for them for about five seconds but that has passed.  These laces made me so happy that they carried over to my everyday black sneakers but not with purple laces.

They are Glow in the Dark!
As the caption state, they are Glow in the Dark laces that color wise actually look rather fantastic with the black shoes! What a bonus and thank fully it had a bonus because the Glow part of these laces is kind of sad. It requires almost pitch black for them to be noticed and only when really looking directly at them.

All well, they were just a dollar and still look fantastic...along with the rare, "Are your laces glowing?!" That is its own satisfaction.

Like they say, it is the little things.

P.S. Bonus points to those that are playing if you spotted that my nWoD collection is behind the shoes and even more if you spotted the Games Workshop books.

Monday, February 20, 2012

An Oldie: I am Consistently Inconsistent.

This is my first real entry of the new year, sorry Meryl, you don't count. I am a bit sadden that I have not really posted as much as I personally planned to but now that I am getting started again that will change. This goes out to Show Addict as well, but at least it had two posts in January.

I actually have some stuff brewing in my head so hopefully this blog will be a bit more lovely.