Sunday, February 23, 2020

Inside the Character Sheet: Zinza "Pivot"

Once more diving into Starfinder with the Dead Aussie Gamer where we will be streaming Attack of the Swarm starting the day of this post (Sunday) around 8 PM East Coast time (USA). We are just starting and still have open seats if anyone interested. 

I shall be playing a Shirren Soldier named Zinza "Pivot" who witness the first Swarm Invasion as a child and has a genetic tie to the enemy. They are presented below.

Zinza "Pivot", Shirren Soldier. Art by Seth
Description: Pivot is a 19 year old host scout shirren who stands at 5 feet and 10 inches while weighing about 120 lbs. Their exoskeleton is mostly in dark emerald or forest green tones while purple tones can be seen in their compound eyes. As a shirren partially raised on a battlefield and now a professional mercenary Pivot is rarely far from their equipment. They tend to be either paranoid or insecure about their mating arms which are usually covered by a metal ‘dome’ along with any other of Pivot’s clothing or armor.

Background: Zinza comes from a large shirren family unit of parents (eight of them to be exact) and several siblings, themselves the eldest sibling. During the first Swarm Invasion on both the Pact Worlds and the Veskiurm, Zinza's parents felt compelled to defend the Pact Worlds from their ‘cousins’so the family unit signed up for service with two staying behind to take care of their home on Verces. Those among the family that left to fight were the only host among them,  Dchin, who was currently carrying their first larvae which would be Zinza.

Dchin and the rest of their family become a squad of their own with the host shirren being the team’s Sniper/Overwatch. Zinza was born on the battlefield and spent their first few years as a larvae among the battle. Once old enough to travel they were sent back home with one of their other parents that got too hurt to stay in the fight. Not wanting to keep the family apart for too long and risking losing anyone else the rest soon retired and returned back to Verces.

Growing up partially in battle with veteran parents and in a way a veteran themselves Zinza essentially grew up as a soldier (though surrounded by love) ready to face the Swarm threat but when old enough the Swarm had been pushed back then seem to disappear….for now.

With their martial skills Zinza turned to mercenary work picking up the nickname Pivot for their ability to adapt and wide skills. Pivot loaned their skills to those groups that needed a bit of soldiering to stay safe or acted as temporary law enforcement until proper authorities could arise or be established along with other such work.

Once word of the Swarm attacking Suskillon reached Pact Worlds infospheres Zinza ‘Pivot’ was on the first transport to the threaten system to join the Suskillon Defense Force.

If you like to watch me figure this character out then come watch the stream or if you like to play with Zinza then join Dead Aussie Gamer's Patreon. For what people really want; Zinza's character sheet is below.

Zinza "Pivot" Host scout shirren mercenary soldier 1 NG Medium humanoid (shirren) Init +4; Senses blindsense (vibration) 30 ft.; Perception +5 -------------------- Defense SP 7 HP 13 RP 5 -------------------- EAC 15; KAC 16 Fort +2; Ref +4; Will +3 -------------------- Offense -------------------- Speed 30 ft. Melee survival knife +5 (1d4 S; analog, operative) Ranged azimuth laser rifle +5 (1d8 F; burn 1d6) Offensive Abilities primary fighting style (sharpshooter), sniper’s aim -------------------- Statistics -------------------- Str 11 (+0); Dex 18 (+4); Con 10 (+0); Int 12 (+1); Wis 12 (+1); Cha 10 (+0) Skills Athletics +1, Engineering +5 (1 ranks), Medicine +5, Perception +5, Piloting +10 (1 ranks), Profession (mercenary) +5, Stealth +8; (reduce the DCs of Culture and Profession [mercenary] checks by 5 when recalling knowledge about military procedures and personnel) Feats Skill Synergy (stealth, perception) Languages Common, Shirren, Vercite, Vesk; limited telepathy 30 ft. Other Gear second skin, azimuth laser rifle with 1 battery (20 charges), survival knife, basic medkit, binoculars[PW], canteen[AR], engineering tool kit, flashlight, gear maintenance kit[AR], industrial backpack, sleeping bag[AR], travel clothing, credstick (8 credits) Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at Starfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc., and are used under license.