Saturday, July 14, 2018

Spicy Frame Zero: Aeroframe Rules

Long time and it has brought something different but still a Mobile Frame Zero Post! Despite probably being the biggest person supporting playing the game as is here is another Alt or House Rule for you to try. Once again this is brought to by a Discussion on MF0: The University; a MF0 Discord server. 

The talk was about trying to add flying units into Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack without making another game. Many other table top wargames have struggled to create rules for aircraft interacting with ground units; be it official or others homebrew. A bit part tends to being some what accurate to aircraft that can usually cross the battlefield if not just over shoot it, even in scales. Below are the rules I presented to keep it simple, direct and be able to operate within the battlefield. It more about feel and balance than any kind of accuracy or such. Despite the name these should work to represent any kind of aircraft.

Sample Aerospace Frame

Aeroframe Rules

Aeroframe(plane) gets a Sprint Green Movement d8 and  1 (only 1) White d6 as base and keeps the Sprint Green Movement d8 no matter the weapon system.  The model of the aeroframe must have a clear front or a base that indicates the front. This special ‘frame’ gets one free unit of movement BUT it must be used first and is always in the direction it is facing. When it ends it move the facing must be in the direction it last traveled in.

That's it! If you like to discuss these rules than head over to the thread I started here: The Hangar

If you like to explore some others rules on flight that are a bit more robust check out these:

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