Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Transgender Day of Remembrance

This past Sunday, Nov 20th, was Transgender Day of Remembrance (T-DoR). My church (FYI, I am a Unitarian Universalist - Pagan) had an evening service and candle vigil for T-DoR, which I took part of in fact by reading off some of the names of those that we have lost in the past year across the world. It was a great service.

To show my support and raise awareness in my church I went to the service as my female side, Gwynn. This would be the first meeting of my church and Gwynn face to face. A selected few in the church knew about me being bigender until quite recently when I came out as part of a LGBT panel to educate the church's youth.

It was a great experience and very supportive in fact though it was not surprising as everyone at the service was there showing their support for the Transgender community, the bigger challenge would be a normal service that we have every Sunday.

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