Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Claude's Big Adventure: Disc Golf and Colonial Williamsburg

With today's blog I would like to introduce everyone to my friend Claude (You will see him in the following pictures). We had a big day plan and here are pictures from our big day.

First Stop, Newport News Disc Golf Course!

This was his first time Disc Golfing
While waiting for the other players we decided to get some practice.


Claude got a little excited during practice. By the way, Claude is Chlamydia.
Once everyone else joined us we got started.

Claude's First throw...not a very good sign.

The guy needed a break half way thru.
Claude came in last but it was his first game so that is expected and alright. We maintained our high spirits and met up with my girlfriend. Why got into our time machine and set the destination to Colonial Williamsburg!

Here we are crossing the Bridge of Time together!

Claude enjoying his Tavern Pretzel, our snack to hold off lunch.

Claude had a blast!
Due to it being a very windy day in the antiquarian town Claude's picture moments were very limited but Claude and I will have further adventures in the future!

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