Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Personal Roller Derby Rival

So a few years ago when I was out breaking in my roller blades in again at a roller rink I noticed a sign in the back that caught my attention. Upon arriving home afterwords (actually if memory serves me right I think I got drunk that night and had to wait till the next day when I had my facilities returned.) I did a Google search and discovered The Dominion Derby Girls.

I was instantly interested and was set to buy tickets but had to wait for a few months because the season had just ended. Well I watched the calender and waited for ticket sales. My ticket was bought, I went to the show and was hooked! I loved it and went to every home game that season. Well, do to changes in life and moving to Southside in Hampton Roads I missed the very last home game. Sadly because of changes in life I had to put going to my beloved Derby bouts on hold, in fact it was a few years.

So what got me back into going back to the Derby? A site called Shirt Punch featured this shirt which I had to have! Of course I ordered it but it gave me a need to see the Derby so two months ago I went taking the Significant Other with me and here is her post about it. She was hooked and we have already been to our second game! With my birthday coming up in July I am hoping someone buys me tickets for a present.

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