Sunday, September 22, 2013

LEGO Friends Animal Set Series 3 Fawn's Forest Review for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

I originally planning to to do a review on a different set next but then ran into this set while at Target which demanding to be reviewed tonight for reasons I will discuss a little bit further down. Also this post might aiming to be a bit biased...

This time our review system is a bit revised but still based on the Mantis King and you will see as we go.

Can you build a piece or pieces of terrain, right away?
Yes! This set is pretty much a frickin tree that can be blown apart! +5

Is it below, at, or above the golden ration?
This is where it gets complicated. This set is currently (9-22-13) on sale at Target for $3.99 until 9-28-13 vs the usual price of $4.99. I also get an extra 5% off for having a Red Card. So we have 35 pieces so here is our math.
Regular price is $0.14 so no. -10
Sale price is $0.11 so still no -10.
Red Card with Sale price $0.10 at ratio so +0.

If you can't build a piece of terrain right away, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away?
Yes, you could use the pieces to build different styles of woodland terrain or some other pieces in frames if you are looking for unique coloring. To be honest I am thinking of putting that bow on one of my Chubs, even if I have to glue it. Also the mushroom could be used on other terrain as well, giant mushroom worlds! Short answer: +5

Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts?
If you want to make a tree, hell yeah but I would keep off the 'flower and fruit' bits because I would be a bit ticked that I have to 'shoot through' all that before I could really drop the tree or just rule they don't count. Also thinking of putting those cherry looking pieces in a truck for a station. +5

So the results.
Regular Price B+
Sale Price B+
Red Card and Sale A

Though if you really want some tree terrain that can be shot up and don't have a Red Card then I would dare say for you this might be a B++ or A- set just for you so get it while it on sale for the rest of this week.

I bought this because it was on sale and I wanted the tree. Now that I have dissected it I think I will pick up one or two more before the end of the week.

Special mention: The Puppy's Playhouse set has bricks that look like actual mortar bricks. Not enough to justifying the purchase if that is all you want BUT you might want to take a closer look to the Friends line or it up a LEGO Secondary Market.

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