Tuesday, December 3, 2013

About MFZ: RA Reviews

First I like to say thank you for those that have checked out my reviews, thank you. Currently I have a rough average 130 views per review post and I think that is awesome! I am also glad to see that some people are finding them useful! If you have checked out my other posts because of my reviews, then you get 10 extra points of gratitude.

Next I like to thank Mantis King and our 'rivalry' about reviews. I use the system he established (thank you) and I find it very exciting we have 'sister' reviews. I think it good for the community as I am sure we look at things in different ways and I will take more about this later. Once there are a few more I will most likely make a post having side by side hyperlinks of the reviews.

3rd I am sorry I have not done a review in awhile. I have been busy getting ready to move and nothing has really jumped at me lately but I have two reviews coming around the corner!

So now how I do my reviews.

I am going to start by coping a question and answer that came up in the Hanger.


When you calculate price per part, do you include the minifigure as well? I realized I had a lot of fig bits leftover from random polys, and it made me wonder.

Shades_Corvid (This is Me)

I go by the number on the bag which I am sure includes the minifigure but I don't think it includes the 'random' extras.

The reason I go by the bag is 1) I don't think the 'random' bits are included and 2) their is a few builds that use either legs or hands of minifigures but I don't include that fact for the 'useful bits' section of the questions.

Next when I do a review I think I have one big difference from Mantis King and that is I am not one of these 'master builders'. I don't look at the parts and go "I can use this to make this or do this." I think the best example of this is in our reviews for The Galaxy Squad Mini Mech; His, Mine.

I am the guy looking through the models and deciding what frames I want to use and looking for instructions or using sets as is (like in the terrain review).

So I hope that helps people understand my process a bit in the future.

Will of course answer more questions in the comments!

Additionally I will write about my demo soon also!!

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