Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Rivalry Reviews

So I don't think it is a big secret that Mantis King and I have reviews of the same things with a few jokes that I have 'beaten' him to some and I am trying to show him up.

In reality it comparing notes from our two different views of these sets and of MFZ. I enjoy reading his blog and comparing his review segments to my own; I can only hope it is the same for him. The truth is he inspired me to start my own reviews which is starting to grow into more.

With just getting past St. V's day I figure it be a good time to put out the list of cross crossing reviews so here they are!

Dark Cloud                                         Mantis King

Warrior Pack                                      Warrior Pack

Lawn Mower                                       Lawn Mower

Mini Mech                                           Mini Mech

Kraang Laser Turret                            Kraang Laser Turret

Well, there you go! Have fun MoF0s!

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