Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Hopeful Future of DCB

So Dark Cloud Blogs (Basically me) is looking to expand the blog entries outside of the reviews and utilizing the Youtube channel along with other stuff. This is what we are looking at. Warning, Hyperlinks ahead!

  • Demo Vid and Youtube in general: If you haven't noticed I have been utilizing Youtube for 360 views of the builds. Next on the list is posting a full on Demo and well it is in the works still. I am looking for a software to edit that can do what I want in my budget along with who I want in the vid. I want to be filming before the end of Oct. Also in that line is a series of MF0 rules break down vids. Maybe even a few full regular game vids.
  • The Joshua A.C. Newman Project: I like Mobile Frame Zero and I follow him on Twitter which has me wanting to check out his other products. So this will be a journey of checking out Xenoglyphs, Shock: Social Science Fiction and Shock: Human Contact. I will post my findings (reviews) here and ending it with an interview.
  • WordPlay with Nika Harper: WordPlay is Nika Harper's writing exercise series on the Geek and Sundry Youtube Channel. I wanted to be part of it last season but season 2 is about to start. I plan to catch up over a weekend and follow through with Season 2 posting my writings here!
  • An actual review of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. Why? Something to share with your friends to hopefully get them to play.
  • Why I Heart MF0: Again something to show your friends.
  • Scales and Sizes of MFO/Intercept Orbit: Basically a collected reference with real life comparisons.
Well there it is if you were wondering. This should be fun and interesting.

Maybe Even More of This?

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