Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Road to PAX East 2016: As the Corvid Flies

So I think the community around this little game Mobile Frame Zero is great! I really didn't become a part of it until after I got my Rulebook in my hand because that is when it really became real for me. Shortly after I ordered my first parts on Bricklink and started diving into our different social media areas (G+ Community, Facebook Group and  the Hanger aka the forum).

With that also came discovering MantisKing's The Mobile Frame Garage which sort of changed everything I guess. I was inspired, specifically reviews. I wanted to do them too so...I did. Thankfully in this community, imitation is the best form of flattery and this was no different it seems. MantisKing was never threaten or upset  or insulted but did notice. A sort of fun rivalry has developed and anyone that has been following me and him long enough has noticed I have certainly found my own voice and style with my reviews/blogs along with my presence within the community.

Besides the Creator Gods their are names of people that I reconigze, people who I have chatted with online and now I want to meet them along with the Creator Gods; so I need to be where the people are. PAX EAST!

Though if I was going to do it I wanted to do it as Dark Cloud Blogs, that requires an event, event that sort of started as a joke.

One Day in Nightstar's IRC MF0 Channel MK (MantisKing) and myself were talking when about what it would take to do minifigure scale which started a thought process. That process became a post ( Scales, Sizes and Standards ) which lead to a challenge against my most heated nemesis; MK! Minifigure Scale MF0 match to an audience at PAX East 2016! He agreed which solidified my choice to go to PAX East 2016!

I wouldn't mind a third player and the essential thing here is to have this as an event at PAX East to help promote our 'little game',  maybe with a posted scores with large dice for spotting and defense. Might need some help.

In MK's RPE2016 post he thinks I already have all my frames built...I do, sort of. I have things that I could use if I had to but not what I WANT to use. Talk about that in future posts.

I am up for his stated ideas and looking forward to finding out what the other ones are. So come join us and let's make the next PAX East the Year of the Frame! Look out for some Road to PAX East 2016 Hangouts in the near future!

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