Sunday, September 20, 2015

Road to PAX East 2016: As the Corvid Flies - Plans and Blogs!

So the other day Raymond (Mantis King) and I got together on a Google Hangout to talk about plans for PAX East 2016. Some of it are hard goals and others are a bit softer:


1) Dark Cloud Blogs vs. The Mobile Frame Garage: A clash of mini-figure scale frame combat! You have read the reviews and seen the rivalry! Watch these two take Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack to an unseen scale! DOUBLE THE SIZE! DOUBLE THE DESTRUCTION! (In short Raymond and I are doubling the game's scale and having a public face off!)

2) Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Tournament! Think you can survive the gauntlet of battle after battle, hours of MF0 in a row! Crave some prizes and the taste of victory!


3) Mobile Frame Zero Review Panel! We aren't talking about what makes this game great (Well, might be a little of that). We are talking about all the great people that give the heads up of LEGO and other brands of building blocks sets to buy or not to buy. We aren't sure what the panel would be about exactly but we know what kind of people we want on it, SET REVIEWERS!!! What do you think?

4) MF0: Music Vid! A long time ago I wrote a quick parody of Hello from Book of Mormon about our little battle game. Who would like to take that to the next level and help make a MFVA (Mobile Frame Music Video!)?


5) A regular online vid chat! Well, I got this one started already and it will be every other month on the second Tuesday starting Oct 13! I can only have 10 in the chat so the guests will be limited but any open slots means I will put the entrance link in the watch room for first come first serve basis.

So are you coming to PAX East? Come check us out! Looking for a reason to come to PAX East? I just listed some! Want this to be the Year of MFZ at PAX East 2016? Should we try to fit Intercept Orbit into it too? Come join the conversation in the Hanger!


So, while I have your attention I want to talk about this blog(s) for a second. Just some fun random stuff. First, thanks to all my readers and special credit to those that ready the non-MF0 stuff too.

Even when I am not posting regularly, Dark Cloud seems weekly if not daily views. The amount isn't anything special but the fact makes me feel 'Wow!' Dark Cloud Blogs shows up on the first page of a Google search; this is also fantastic.

There is a widely range of number of views to my various set review posts. I think it might of something to popular search terms.

Mobile Frame Zero: Scales, Sizes and Standards currently has the most views.

Thanks for your time!

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