Sunday, December 27, 2015

RPG Review The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

Here are my thoughts on the first book of the The End of the World RPG series: Zombie Apocalypse by Fantasy Flight games. 143 pages. 21 pages for character creation and the rules. The game's intent is for players to play themselves, in their home town starting with the stuff they own/is around them.

Of course going with fictional characters is ok too and very much suggests the group does one or the other.

Even with fictional characters you are not playing heroes, you are suppose to be regular people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The system is certainly is light and narrative but drives the sense of...realism or regular joes with a 'triple damage system'.

What I mean is beside taking to your body, your mind and faith in humanity is also on the line to take damage leaning to your demise be it death, insane or a whimpering mess as you see everyone as just monsters.

7 pages for Game Masters (GMs) about getting into the system a bit more, about running the game, advancement and other advice.

90 pages for 5 scenarios to entertain your friends with. Each one provides a frame work to put your city in with different NPCs, set-ups and varieties of zombies to discover.

It is certainly an interesting take on where to take RPGs and I look forward to trying this game out and collecting the other books as the books. Wrath of the Gods is already out, Alien Invasion is on its way and the final one is Revolt of the Machines.

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