Friday, May 13, 2016

MF0 at RavenCon 2016

Dark Cloud Blogs returns to RavenCon 2016! It was rather surprised, I hadn't made plans this year to go but then got an invite out of the blue. I gladly took it and began my prep. Given when I got the invite I didn't do any Pathfinder Society so just stuck to Panels, Merch room, and the auther/artist alley besides doing my demo.

I was set up in the Gaming Room where people play board game, planned RPGs and with other demo people where I had a 4 hour slot scheduled but was allowed to stay an extra hour. I had copies of Rapid Attack and Intercept Orbit for sale though I did not sell any. I only got one demo done but passed out several fliers for the game.

So not the best demo night but I am proud of the actual set up. I think I need to advertise better; the blurb I put out on the programs wasn't the best and two I think I need a sign that says looking for players/ it is a demo. Also if I could get a bigger local community I like to have bigger/more slots for demoing where we take turns. I liked the size of my table but my spot was sort of around a corner so not sure how many saw me who just glanced into the Gaming Room.

Here are a few shots of the demo play. This demo I learned the importance of having the ability to cook the doomclock even in a demo game.

Sunday I got a game in, sort of. Adam just got the game the week before at PAX East and hadn't had a chance to put an army together so we used what I had to play a modified demo. He took three soldiers and the arty while I had 3 soldiers and a melee guy. We set up on opposite sides with half a ruler line limit with the objective in the middle. We started with 6 on the doomclock.

2nd round
My plan was to rush to claim the Station with my melee guy then keep him going to the arty while the soldiers would try to give support/be distractions.

Adam hammered at the melee with his arty once he realized my plan while rushing one of his own soldiers forward. He handled most of the attacks with minor and was able to claim the station before Adam and still be able to engage the enemy in melee combat.

Adam disengages from the melee so he can shoot and hopefully claim the station once my melee guy is gone.

My melee is destroyed and despite my soldiers firing round after round into Adam's lead soldier he is able to claim the station before the frame's destruction (because my melee was destroyed first). With the final push down from the doomclock.

I passed out a lot of flyers for the game during Adam's and I's actually session

I look forward to next year. You can read last year's post here.

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