Friday, October 14, 2016

Mobile Frame Zero Fiction: The Bridge

An Mobile Frame Zero Tale

Usulih's, an Ijad, universe was nothing but white and pain. A moment later their the pain stopped and instantly replaced with loneliness and dreaded inner quietness despite the raging noise around them. Their senses clear as the white is replace with the tribe ship's bridge.

Alice-ih's, the ijad's bounded partner, lifeless body floated into the panicking ghanat being mauled. The armored four eyed beast was Eshih's body; now Eshih floated above their body in two pieces.

Usulih pushed down their swelling emotions; they were all in the middle of battle and dead ijad cannot morn. A panicking ghanat was a danger and they needed a body at the moment. They reached out their antenna to grab the beast. They move quickly and pulled themselves onto the new body as speaking prayers for Eshih.

Now one, barely, Usulih called out orders while pushing of the top back to a grip point, "Give me damage report from the skill packs! Are the au-ghanat ready to lunch?"

Alice-ih was the true leader of this tribe ship while Usulih was simply her advisor but they could still feel her plan on the edge of their thoughts. The question was could they pull it off to honor the lost later. Together ghanat and Usulih, as one, looked out into the void to the enemy ships...

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