Saturday, February 25, 2017

MF0 Flier

Do you like games with randomness and strategy but simple rules? Do you like piloted big robots fighting other piloted giant robots? Than welcome to Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack!
Build and Take Command of your own squad of mechs (Mobile Frames) to take resource points (Stations) while keeping your own.

You can buy the book or download the PDF for free at

Online Communities
-Google Plus: Mobile Frame Zero
-Facebook Pages: Mobile Frame Zero Fans

Other MF0 Games
-MF0: Intercept Orbit; LEGO Spaceship battles with Mobile Frame support.
-MF0: Firebrands; A GMless RPG by the creator of Apocalypse World. Pilot Frames, meet pilots, fall in love and make rivals.

Hashtags to Explore
-#MF0 : All things Mobile Frame Zero but mostly Rapid Attack and Frames.
-#MFZ : same
-#mobileframezero : same
-#MF0Stations : See the awesome points people have built for Frames to fight over.
-#MF0Cover : MF0 terrain built for frames to hide behind.
-#MF0IOrbit : Intercept Orbit related So spaceships!
-#MF0HVAs : The Stations of the IOrbit game.

-#MF0Firebrands : Firebrands related posts.