Tuesday, June 13, 2017

LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod 5004929 Set Review for MF0

The Bag
First let me just admit I freaked out seeing this as it reminds me of Pods/X-Pods LEGO line. Sadly I wasn't into LEGO at the time this line come about but when I stumbled upon it I fell in love and did a bit of Ebaying. Now this isn't quite the same but I feel like the spirit is there. I have seen a preview and seems we are getting a series of these for the year but looks like their focused on minifigs but how cool would it be to get one where we could fold up frames, put them in the pod and carry them in our pockets?!

Well moving on to the actual set! These are a Free with Purchase of $30 of LEGO Batman Movie sets or you can just buy it (at TRU.)

Pod Closed
Can you build some sort of creation right away?

No creation to be found here but maybe you can field 'fancy' dress Batman? -5 points.

Pod Open
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio? The Golden Ratio is $0.10 per part.

 $5.99 / 24 = $0.25 per part! Jeez I think that is the worse ratio I have ever seen but these Pods are new but...wow! This week there is also a sale going on for the LEGO Batman Movie sets which includes these pods. -5 points.

Poorly Dressed Batman...
If you can't build a frame right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away? 

There are certainly some frame parts, though more on the cosmetic side? +5 points

Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts? 

Hmm, sort of a tough on this one and I think I will actually go with Zero points as just about all can be useful but more cosmetic over function parts.

The Set
Total: B- set, maybe but I think it still neat and fun but probably not for MF0 directly.

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