Thursday, August 8, 2019

Nerf Review: Cobra RC-6

The Box
So Alpha Strike line is starting to show up in stores (Found mine at Target) and at $10 it was hard to not snag it just to get an idea of what this offers.

The Blaster
So the main product, the blaster which is a six shot rotation T Pull side arm style blaster. The performance out of the box is about Elite line style and T Pull is pretty easy. The handle style though is sort of annoying, if holding it tightly feels weird and possibly hurt after awhile. Simple solution is gloves or grip tape. The blaster has no screws, it all clipped together so probably easy to take apart but from videos I seen the plunger is dropped design and doesn't really allow for spring replacement.

Look at some of the Clamps on the Blaster
Next you get 12 (yes 12) darts in the package so you get two loads of darts for the blaster which it seems will be a common thing for the Alpha Strike line which is almost unheard of in Nerf Blasters!

The 'bottles' and the darts
Targets are not the biggest thing for Nerf War but they are fun at home. The four pieces come together in sets of two that fit together but are universal fits so any pieces come together to make it. They easily fall apart which is fun and the bottles have enough bottom base to stand as single pieces without being put together.

Bottles Assembled.
So for Nerf War Hobbyist and/or Modder I don't think it the best thing for us but I think it a fun box for the hobby and a great entry level product for the hobby at large. I suspect the entire line will be that which is great.

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