Friday, October 11, 2013

Nation Coming Out Day (2013 Edition)

So today (when this post dropped) is Nation (USA) Coming Out Day and with that date I started a tradition on Facebook where I come out again and again on this date. I started about two years ago, coming out as transgender the first year then the second year pinpointing what that is for me (bigender and/or gender fluid). This year I included my more flexible sexuality on top of everything else.

Why do I do this every year and well for the simple fact is we never really stop coming out. Some like to think it is a big flashy event, we send out inventions, RSVPs, get on a stage, turn on the web feed and tell THE WHOLE FREAKY WORLD OUR BUSINESS but this is far from reality. We have friends, family, co-workers, pets and whoever else we have to deal with which we can never tell all at the same time or want to tell at all. Just because someone comes out to one group doesn't mean they will come out to others and then sometimes you still might split those groups up. It is just a complicated mess.

So that is why I post it every year because it never stops and hopefully one day will will never have to come out, things will just be said and we just all get it.

Though this is not the end of this little old blog entry because speaking having different groups we have to come out to, I have not come out at work about anything. Now I have selected people at work that know but these are friends. Today giving what day it was I was planning to come out at work during lunch but due to timing and work demands, everyone wasn't present so I chicken out.

Though I also realized this isn't a big deal because it didn't have to be today and it doesn't have to be a big announcement, it can just be part of conversation which I think can be better at times. The thing is I have had plenty of chances to drop in past talks but instead chose to avoid it in some fashion. I need to stop doing this and just let it happen. It would be best for me and ultimately make some of my co-workers look at things a bit differently. Could make some things awkward but well...that isn't my problem. Out!

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