Saturday, October 19, 2013

Warrior Pack Review

So I was browsing through 5 Below when I came across this little pack of third party LEGO accessories. They are called Warrior Packs (made by Brick Warrior) and this is currently Wave 1 with 10 varieties but these are not random packs. In fact the back of each pack is clear so you can see the item inside.

I was curious about them thinking about their use in the game Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. Given that I picked one that looked spacey and brought it home for this review. First I want to say the quality of the plastic is great, about equal to LEGO products.

So my little pack came with three guns, a shield, a body cover piece and a helmet. The pack cost me $2.99 so that was about $0.50 per piece, very roughly. They fit well with my model LEGO minifigure (a knight from my random pack collection) which means they should fit well with a Mobile Frame as well. Just because I was curious again I went ahead and tossed that shield onto a Chub just to see how it look.

Over all I am a bit on the fence about the packs. If you are a fan of customizing minifigures then these are most likely great as they seem cheaper then buying the parts individually from Brick Warrior's website but as far as Mobile Frame Zero, maybe. I suggest if you find a set of Warrior Packs just look through them and see if anything in their windows catches your attention.

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