Sunday, April 13, 2014

LEGO Chima Lion Legend Beast Review for MFZ

Original Review System by Mantis King

The Box
So Chima Legend Beast Set Review week is being stretched out a bit...these things happen but lets push forward. In this review we move onto the Lion.

The Instructions
Can you build a frame or frames right away?
Most certainly you can, I made a quad o ped that looks like it should have a BIG old cannon on it. +5

The frame deserves a cannon
Can you build a spaceship or spaceships right away?
Yes I did and I think this one could be a frigate, most of my post stuff would be more HVAs. +5

I think these teeth pieces are great for engines.
Eat my space dust...
Can you build a piece of cover or a station right away?
You might be able to make a dirt or rock mound of it? +5

Is it below, at or above the golden ration? (10 pennies per piece)
Mathmaticious! $9.99 divided by 121 pieces equals 8 cents per piece so below equally plus 5 points.

Why is it in its own bag? Sort of Creepy...
If you can't build anything right away, does it have any useful pieces to be put in use?
This is yes to everything so +5 for all!

Does it have more then a handful of immediately useful parts?
I believe so yes, so plus 5.

Well let's keep this simple, we had +5 across all boards for a total  of +20 for everything giving everything an A+!

Now for some fun!

Here is the put together Lion, ROAR!
Not surprised, our Lion is bigger then a frame...
Oh no!


  1. You could easily use those back legs for a beefed up Hi-Leg or something. Those have a nice look to them!

    1. That is what I essentially did in the Wolf Review