Saturday, April 5, 2014

Show Addict: Captain America: Winter Soldier Review

So it been awhile since I did one of these. No reason to dwell though, time to get started!

First I just want to start of and say that I LOVE Marvel Studios. So far everything they do is fantastic and this movie is no exception. It connects to other elements of the franchise along with back to its own past making it great.

Everyone does a great job and the movie has everything. Action, emotions, drama, espionage, twists that I think everyone will enjoy it. There is even subtle details in the movie that if you notice them makes you think about things outside the scope of Winter Soldier and about the movies at large or just the characters themselves.

So in short, the movie should have something for everyone so go see Captain America: Winter Soldier; Captain's Orders!

P.S. Sit through all the credits! You think some people would have learned by now. Give me more GotG!


  1. May be a bit too serious at points, but never loses that funny-bone that's made all of the other movies so inviting and playful. Good review.