Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book Review: Felix the Comet by Cathy Coley

So a while back a friend of mine did a bit of crowd funding to get her first children's book (middle grades)  published. To be a good supportive friend I donated at the level that would get me my very own copy of the book (I didn't have the money for the snicker doodles...though I should make her bring me some at our next game night.).

After getting past my list of must reads I got to reading her book and have decided to write a review after enjoying it so much (I read it twice.).

So I present a book review on Felix the Comet by Cathy Coley!

Felix the CometA book with easily relate able characters, specially for those not part of the main crowd. Cathy has a well written book but shouldn't prove any challenge for its intended audience. I like the detailing and the use of connections. Was a such a blast I read it twice, part to do a better review and get ready for an up coming interview of Cathy but was glad to read it the second time

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