Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sellswords Part 2: Twitter Notes

So the Sellswords concept came from a tweet that inspired many others. I used those tweets as a form of notes to make the previous post. Not every tweet is in there either because it just didn't flow into the writing or twitter was being stupid and I missed it.

Well I pulled out my twitter archive and recovered the tweets so I can present them here. If you are looking to use the Sellswords, feel free to fine more inspiration about these 'twitter notes' about the Sellswords aka consider the following 'cannon':

Sellswords- a guild of escorts, bodyguards, guards, lookouts for hire  and their local  handlers.

Sellswords are not mercs or soldiers. most dislike such terms and try to be deterrents, not killers.

Most Sellswords seek handler status or the long duty aka steady pay. also take pride in their chosen weapon.

Some Sellsword Handler duties include contracts, community 'n' govt relations and member crash space.

The big duty of Sellsword handlers is getting together to organize regional/local special events.

Sellsword events serve to recruit, promote, rank up, reorganize (Sellswords) and build relations (with community and fellow Swordswells).

Important Sellswords are allied merchants first; allied defenders second. They are their own product.

Rumor has it Sellswords went to war twice. Neither was a contract but under their own banner. they refuse to talk about it.

Famous Sellsword: Franus, youngest to earn handler, first to carry the title SellVoice, never carries a weapon.

Sellswords do have a Bill of Operations and Conduct.

Sellswords are expected to help each other if they happen to be present when something goes done; off or on duty.

These defense of Sellswords usually earns the defender tips or boons from the Sellsword and/or a handler.

Sellswords always get paid, even if the die but the client lives. either the pay goes to family and/or the Sellsword group.

Generally it is consider a bad idea to refuse paying Sellsword. legal course is always used first, if possible.

Sellsword clients do not have to go through handlers, usually just faster. There is always a contract though.

Sellswords Part 1

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