Sunday, May 3, 2015

Taking Mobile Frame Zero to RavenCon 2015

Last weekend I ran demos for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack up in Richmond at RavenCon. Though I didn't get to check out much of the con itself, I had a good time and certainly learned some things.

Like some others have said, taking a day for yourself is a needed thing when demoing at a con. Friday was suppose to be my day but I wasn't able to get the day off like I wanted from work. By the time I pulled into the convention I barely had time to get dinner before rushing off to my Pathfinder Society Game.

Saturday morning I was able to really check out the convention but then my afternoon was taking up by the demo. When being a one man team, I need not being doing it for 6ish hours! It was great, had a lot of fun talking/playing with people. I think I spread some hype and got some converts. I was even surprised by how many who have heard of the game but haven't checked it out yet.

Right before the demo time I realized I was short some terrain, thankfully there was a Toys R Us across from the hotel. So as I ran out for lunch I also grabbed a Classic Box and a surviving Toys R Us exclusive set.

Yes, expect some reviews in the future.

So, take a look at the set up?

The Vincent Baker Demo!
The Capital Standard
A sample of my raffle give away.
Besides my own stuff I had The Hanger Forum Ced23Ric's  Handouts for taking and Condensed Rule book for browsing.

Of course we have the team and system summaries.

Arty Team
Soldier Team
Melee Team
Systems Summary
I was raffling off a Starter Pack which was won by Adam (or Alex, I am bad with names. Let me know if you see this winner boy so I can fix it.). He was very excited to get it so I felt awesome about giving it to him.

He picked up Sunday during my second slot (not sure if I will do that again either, a slot the following day). I more or less had it set up to do a game with him but they did not have time.

The Starter Kit

Our Awesome Winner!

Sunday Set up.
Over all I had a good time and learned some things about Convention demoing.

Thanks for having me RavenCon!

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