Saturday, May 2, 2015

Video Games, Art and Food

A few weeks ago I visit the Chrysler Museum of Art (free admission) in Norfolk, VA to check out the newest visiting exhibit: The Art of Video Games. It was rather impressive and for me very moving. For the generation that saw the rebirth of consoles and had the controls in our hands from birth; watching this medium grow up with us  to get an art exhibit makes me feel vindicated.

Saw this piece on my way in 
The Placard for the piece above.
I enjoyed the entrance pieces.

What the Hell are you looking at Clyde?

When you first enter you are greeted by an introductory word from the Curator, Chris Melissinos.

Honestly, I cried a little.
I liked how they had them broken down into Eras then the Consoles themselves of the Era. Each set up had four topic areas it could talk about it. Each topic carried over to the rest of the Consoles so you had a flowing them.

There was some playable demos.

Monkey Island
Ending Word.

Arcade Time!

Since my last visit to the Chrysler so I figured I check out the rest of the place while I was there. Here is a few pieces that stood out, a small fraction of their collection.

Anyone else remember these from science classes?

This piece stood out extra special:

After my visit to the Chrysler, I found myself rather hungry. My first thought was just to grab something while on the road but I decided to check out some local flavor instead. After checking the Google Maps app I noticed there was a food place just down the block: The Nouvelle Restaurant.
This was the best choice. It was a nice hole in the wall place, kitchen behind the bar with great conversational staff with great food! Seriously, after you go check out this exhibit go eat here! I know I will next time I am in Downtown Norfolk!

Go here!
My Tasty Lunch!!
The Art of Video Games Exhibit moves out of the Chrysler after May 10, 2015 so go now!!!

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