Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mobile Alternative Zero: Transformers Construct-Bots Dinobot Riders

The Bags
So one of the reasons we love Mobile Frame Zero is LEGO but one of the great things about MF0 is we don't have to use LEGO. I saw these at Five Below and wondered if this was something that might work so I picked up one of each different Transformer they had in stock. These are part of the Construct-Bot line and seem are meant to go on the backs of the DinoBots of the line.

Parts Breakdown
So each one is 18 parts including faction Emblem and a Weapon. Pretty much everyone breaks down to the same 18 parts BUT they do transform. These could be used to play around with that idea; check out the Hanger about that: here.

Lockdown Car - For Scale

Lockdown - Robot For Scale

Built they be perfect to the scale but there really isn't too many system options. They all have guns except Drift you has a sword. The Emblem  maybe a Defense and the wheels could be Green; specially if playing with Transformation rules. Does not seem there is any kind of accessory packs one could buy so yes, system options are limited.

Optimus Prime - Robot
Optimus Prime - Truck
So over all, I think these are a 'No Go' for MF0 use. Great for the scale but without more options for systems there isn't much of a point.

Bubblebee - Car

Bubblebee - Robot

Drift - Car

Drift - Robot


  1. I keep eyeballing these whenever I see them, but the price is never right. I think if you were to combine them with one of the larger kits from that line it may give you enough pieces for Attachments.


    1. I thought of it as $4 a frame and honestly there are more expensive frames built.