Sunday, January 24, 2016

Showcase: MOC Space Dock and Runway by MCH Custom

The Sets
Alright so we have another different post then usual. Today we are looking at MOC Space Dock and Runway by MCH Custom. I picked up four of each while they were on sale; I figured they could be fun for talking photos with.

So first of all I am not sure if this is an actual set that MCH design and produces or something they bought and sell. It didn't come in a box but the instructions are rather high quality. Second the parts are not LEGO but an off-brand or in house produced.

Over all though the pieces are pretty good, some slightly loose compared to LEGO but once it was completely built head together. The lowest quality pieces I would say are the black rod pieces used to connect the sets to each other. Seem a bit too stiff and some of the over lips seem underdeveloped. Out of all the sets only two pieces were off in color, too dark of grey.

The walls of the set were a bit short then I expected but also works out sort of if you look above. Seems like a pilot or maintenance access spot. I might try to add a wall to the balcony to completely hide anything behind the Space Dock.

Over all I am satisfied with my purchase and look forward to adding them to my review style, just have to remember that I have them first.

Too large for Station use but they could be added to your battlefield scenery but seem out of place without some other pieces to give the feel of a full size base or maybe giving it a roof to make it seem like a proper hanger?

That's all I got, enjoy the pictures!

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