Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kickstarter Fleet (Free Colony) and Spaceship Gallery

So back during the Intercept Orbit kickstarter, which started out as Alpha Bandit, I was one of the lucky ones to get into a Fleet tier (which was actually a bit of luck.). A few days ago I finally got my fleet in the mail (I already got my book) from Soren; they are now built! Want to see. Thanks Soren!

Liberator Back
Liberator Front
Zealous Back
Zealous Front
Frame Squad
Frame Squad - Ace Hi-Legs
Free Colony Fleet Front
Free Colony Fleet Above
Of course I bought some sets with Intercept Orbit in mind or realize some I already had would be good for it. Want to see how they look? Mind you, these haven't been modified for actually use yet; just put on bases for the game. I like to show you!

Republic Attack Cruiser Back
Republic Attack Cruiser Front
Republic Frigate Back
Republic Frigate Front
Republic Fleet Above
Republic Fleet Front
Star Destroyer Back
Star Destroyer Front
Snowspeeder Back
Snowspeeder Front
M. Falcon Back
M. Falcon Front
Star Wars Micro Fleet Above 
Star Wars Micro Fleet Front
And something a little fun.

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