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Game Stories: Pokemon Blue - Chapter 1

What is Game Stories? I am hoping it will be a regular posting (no schedule) of a story inspired by my play through of a current game I am playing. We will be starting with Pokemon Blue!

Chapter 1

March 18, 1993


It was dark...blackness all around me...


Someone was calling my name as the darkness fading away into...SNORLAX!!!

"Azure, wake up! Did you fall asleep playing SNES again?"

Azure sat up, Snorlax pillow sliding off face as she sits up. "I couldn't sleep because I was so excited mom!"

"I understand but you are going to be late for your pokemon selection if you don't hurry. I will finish making this breakfast sandwich for you so you can run and go." and with that the door shut. 

Quickly the strawberry blonde tween jumped up as she turned off her late night gaming apparatuses. Her next stop was to her PC where she started clicking away, "If I am late Amber won't shut up about it." She growls a bit as she directs her computer to retrieve the stored Potion which began materializing on the pad.

She ran around the room getting dress and once complete she stopped at her desk; catching her breath as she looked down at her Pokemon Trainer kit she received in the mail yesterday. The lid was off to the side already as she looked for the contents: license card, pokeball holder strip (why they didn't include starter pokeballs was beyond her) and the trainer band.

Azure grabbed her yellow satchel bag with its many pockets; attaching the pokeball holder to her shoulder strap and slipping the license in one of the pockets. With a deep breath she picked up the trainer band and clipped it around her wrist. A section of it lit up red blinking as it verified her DNA then green as she cleared and synced with her pokeball holder strip. Done the light become a steady green as a matching green light turned on the PHS (pokeball holder strip).

Ready the excited girl burst from her room and down the stairs where she was greeted by her mother's elder Persian, Pura. Of course she stopped to give the meowing pokemon some of her favorite scratches  just behind the head. Happily Pura purred in response from the love given to her but give a loud protest as Azure stood up as her mother walked over.

"Here, take this and get over to Professor Oak's Lab for selection."

She nodded as she took the sandwich, "Thanks mum." With a smile she headed out the door before taking a bite of her breakfast. The tween waved to her neighbor who was already out in their yard working with their Pidgies

Professor Oak's Lab wasn't far from Azure's house; not that anything was as Pallet Town was a rather small place which would explain the title Town. Maybe she just refer to it as Pallet from now on? Moving on Azure burst into the research building and was greeted by Oak's assistants who direct the future trainer to the back to meet with Prof Oak and Amber. Of course he was already there she mumbled.

Oak raised is hand in greeting seeing Azure enter the room, him and Amber standing next to a narrow table with divots and a small screen above each divot. The table was meant for holding pokeballs and displaying the contents of them. The table was currently holding three pokeballs and displaying their inhabitants: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

Starring at the screens the world just phased away for a moment as her excitement just filling me up then, "Earth to Azure, come in. You alright?" Said Amber, waving his hand in front of her face. She pushed his hand away, "Yeah, sorry. Just excited to meet my first pokemon is all."

"And rightfully so Azure. As a trainer and even some non-trainers, one's pokemon maybe some of the strongest bonds you will ever develop!" exclaimed the professor. Amber of course just rolled his eyes from behind his dark square framed glasses with his slick back hair. The strawberry blonde shot him a quick glance of daggers; being a tool himself Amber was one of those 'pokemon are just tools' school of thought.

"Alright, it is just you two in this batch of new trainers for selection so let's go ahead and get started shall we? According to the selector Azure will get first choice."

She bites her lip trying to contain her excitement as she steps back over to the screens as Amber folds his arms with a huff. This time she was paying more attention; taking in some of the data the screens were providing. "Professor, this pokemon look a bit different then those images in the research."

"Good observation Azure! Remember, pokemon can have variant looks then what you might typically see. This doesn't effect there abilities with a few rare exceptions so don't let it bother you. I assure you these three are perfectly healthy and perfect examples of their breeds."

She nods, noticing for a moment a poster in the back that read, "Press Start to Open Menu." 'What does that even mean?' she thought before shaking her head and focusing on the task at hand. Making a decision she nods to herself, "I will choose Squirtle." She taps a virtual button the screen reading 'Register' and places her Trainer Bracelet to the screen. There is a flash as the screen changes, 'Trainer Azure, would you like to nickname your Squirtle." The girl selected yes as she smiles brightly typing in H-a-p-i then presses 'Confirm'. Another flash as an image of a metal door closes on the screen with the words, "Pokemon Locked. Please Step Back Allow The Next Trainer to Select." She did just that, "Your turn Amber."

Amber scuffs walking over to the screens, "Well if you are picking the squirtle then this is easy. I will go with the bulbasaur." He repeats the same process but skips over the nicknaming but this time the rest of the screens lockout once he is done.

"Good, Amber you stay put and Azure step up to your squirtle and you can meet your new pokemon!"

She steps up to the screen as the professor inputs some commands at the end of the table. The screens fold back and the pokeballs open releasing their charges except for the one holding Charmander. There was a burst of mist before Azure's squirtle appeared to land in her arms. Hapi was a rather dark colored squirtle in both skin tone and shell except for a lighter spot in the middle of his tail. Though Azure stumbled a little as she caught her pokemon, laughing as she was surprised she doesn't drop Hapi. The squirtle's weight was quite heavier despite his size; must have been the shell. The trainer looked into Hapi's eyes and something transpired between the two, "Hello Hapi, I am Azure your new trainer and I am glad to meet you." The squirtle gave her a hug and she laughs, "I can't wait to introduce you to mom!"  She grabbed the pokeball and with the right touch a red light hit the dark colored squirtle who disappeared. The ball shrank in her hand and she placed it onto the PBH on her bag strap. "Thanks Professor Oak, is there anything else?!"

"Yes actually! We have invented something new here that we like you two to have so you can put it through it's paces. Its called a Pokedex! Think of it as an electronic pokemon encyclopedia that can automatically update itself. By itself it can collect images of any pokemon you encounter but once sync with your trainer gear it can use the sensors in a pokeball to collect even more data about pokemon you capture. We think something like this can be invaluable in the field and certainly to the future study of pokemon."

"That sounds amazing and exciting, sure I love to try it out Professor! What about you Amber?"

The boy just shrugs as he places his new pokeball onto his PBH attached to his belt, classic choice. "Sure, why not. Maybe you can write my name in your thank you notes or something."

"Very good my new trainers!" He pulled out two red rectangle devices and held out one to each of them, "They are already set for new sync, just tap your bands to the blue sensor dome. Take note, given they are prototypes and we want to see what they can do they are blank of any pokemon data. Good luck and try to collect as much pokemon as you can."

Azure took the Pokedex and tapped her band to the sensor. Instantly the light change on her band indicating the new sync and goes back to being steady indicating it was successful. She slides it into one of the outside pouches and heads out toward the door to head home, "Thanks Professor!"

"Azure! Come on, let's go ahead and have our first battle with each other!"

She turns around glancing to the professor who nods giving his permisson, "Ok Amber, you are going down!"

The trainers were almost in perfect rhythm as the yanked the pokeballs from place, the red and white spheres growing to fit in their hands better, and tossed them out. The pokemon popped into existence from a flash of light and a burst of their elements ready to go as they stared each other down.

Azure quickly thought through her options knowing that technically Amber had an advantage with Bulbasaur but neither of their pokemon should know elemental attacks yet so they should be on even footing. 

"Start with scaring it Bulbasaur!" cried out Amber first and his green pokemon responded quickly. The plant infused lizard firmed up their stance before givng Hapi a glare with an company loud Growl which to phase and start the turtle pokemon.

"Don't let it bother you happy, let's return the favor with a Tail Whip!" She could tell her squirtle was a bit reluctant now in their attack as it charge forward. Hapi suddenly slide on their back with a spin catching Bulbasaur by surprise giving a clear shot for the flat blue tail to slap across the face causing a bit of disorientation to the green pokemon. Afterwords the squirtle flipped back onto their legs and ran back to her to ready for their next attack.

It was a good opening move but now it was time to commit to finishing this fight she thought and at the same time they trainers called out, "Tackle them!"

The two combatants charged at one another quickly; smacking into each other hard in the middle then pushed off each other with Bulbasaur using their vine like tentacles as arms in the push. Hapi was starting to look but the plant lizard was taking large tiring breathes. Slowly the pokemon circle each other waiting for more commands. Amber calls out, "Again..." as Azure says, "With your shell this time!"

With claws clicking on the hard floor Bulbasaur charges but Hapi seems to hold, waiting. When the plant lizard hybrid leaped at them the squirtle dove onto their stomach sliding under the attack. It put a foot down firmly and turn around while on it stomach before popping back onto their feet for their turn to charge. The bulb carrying reptile tried to recover and face their opponent but by the time they were facing Hapi the shelled reptile had already lunched itself and pulled into their shell.

Amber's Bulbasaur took Hapi's shell directly to the head and clearly fainted as the turtle skipped across the floor and stopped when it bumped into the table that held the pokemon earlier. Azure rushed over to the emerging Hapi and hugged the pokemon as Amber stomped his foot, "How could I have lost!"

The two victors hugged for a bit cheering before Azure summon Hapi back to their ball and onto her bag strap. She stood up and fixed her skirt before walking over to Amber and holding her hand out, "Good match." He simply glares putting Bulbasaur back onto his belt, "I will get you next time." With that he left and all she could do is follow suit as she wished the Professor along with his assistants farewell before heading home.

Azure's mother, Daria, was excitedly waiting for them to come home as she stands up from the couch. "Wow, you look exhausted? What happen?"

 She stretches before taking her shoes off and stepping inside, "It was intense, Amber challenge me to battle right after we picked our pokemon."

Daria just shook her head, "There is always one in a group, too bad there was only two of you. All well, who did you get?"

She released a tired looking Hapi out into the living room; Pura coming over to sniff at them.

"Wow, a squirtle! Nice. Name?"


"Interesting name but I like it. Well, you two look like you should wash and rest. It was a big day and you can start adventures tomorrow."

Azure complain but did as she told as her and Hapi proceeded to head up stairs...

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