Sunday, March 20, 2016

UNSC Cyclops Series Showcase

The Box
In today's blog we will be looking at the Cyclops line of sets for Mega Bloks's Halo line. Straight up these sets are pretty much useless for standard Mobile Frame Zero. They are pricey and have very few useful parts. Now, for say upping your scale of MF0 to something bigger and crazy I think these are your go to. They are $14.99 each and the variety they have put out of these things give a wide system load out option but built in a way where you can be creative with parts to give them new systems. Essentially the core of each of these sets are exactly the same with a few different parts to build systems.

Core and some Extra Parts
There are studs on the back, shoulder,  shoulder pads for defense and the arms usually have perfect connections to build bricks off of for a variety of weapons. They are perfect minifig scale start frames despite they are also the smallest you most likely want to go in the scale. Want to see some of the ones I have collected?

How about a closer look?

So to sum this up, bad set for standard MF0 but if you want to try something crazy and making your game BIGGER then this is where you should start. Want to see my thoughts on making your game bigger then check out Scales, Sizes and Standards at the top or just click here. If you want to talk about trying MF0 at a bigger scale then join us April 11 for the Google Hangout on the Air. Below you will find my thoughts on out of the box load out for the Cyclops via Frame Cards (more info on those on the top of the page.)

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