Thursday, March 30, 2017

Micro Land Legend of Zelda Windwaker Showcase for MF0

Outset Island - The Deluxe Pack
Hyrule Temple
Open Ocean

So I picked up these Micro Land sets from TRU on clearance. All the ones I got are Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and I got three in total: Outset Island (Deluxe), Open Ocean and Hyrule Castle

Out of the Box
I was thinking perhaps these could be interesting pieces of cover.

Everything is top quality plastic but none of the pieces actually pop of the plates which quality wise is probably good. A lot of the pieces meet the height but instead of taking it apart (which you can't with out damage) you could just remove the entire tile section from the table. The grip is good but not strong enough to stop ease of removing tile sections from each other.

Link is just too cute!
Though the temple set tiles seem to be a bit loser compared to the rest.

Hyrule Temple - Out of the Box
It Opens!
This dude is always extra tall.
Though perhaps some of the pieces could be used for stations but they are too big really.

Perhaps a water hazard?

So in the end I am not sure how good this could be for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack but I think I will give it a try anyways; field research. It seems there is one other Deluxe set (King of Red Lions) along with a Mario Micro Land line which might be a bit better for MF0? Maybe we will have a follow up post.

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