Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best-Lock Stargate SG-1 Jack on Abydos Review for Mobile Frame Zero

So I am just going to be straight forward about this. These bricks and pieces are just sad. The largest of the base plates was bent and several of the pieces had mold castings still. Some of these castings were on the inside making places the pieces difficult at times. The feel of the bricks; talking texture here; was very off feeling fragile and week. Basically I am not even bothering using the review system because it isn't worth it.

The only thing of any value in this set is the Stargate itself. The pieces felt better, fit better and over all was a better quality then the rest of the set. I picked this up for $4.99 at My local Target and through everything else away (starting with that creepy figure!) except the Stargate and I am fine with that. If you can get it for less so you can get the Gate then do it but do not pay more.

Ok, I kept this too so I can maybe replicate some of the builds with REAL building bricks!

Why am I bothering showing you the crappy parts?

The gate is great, nice size.
This guy is giving me the creeps...

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