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Mobile Frame Zero: RA Battle Report 1 and Demo (10-26-13)

A little (freaking a lot) late but at least it is done!

So back in Oct '13 I had a demo night at the gaming store that I have claimed as MY gaming store (Atomic Comics Emporium II). The owner and I thought it be best if done during one of the card nights on a weekend to make sure people actually saw the game. We posted a flyer at his store and the sister store along with making a Facebook Event.

I came in early and got all the stuff set up and proceeded to wait for people to come to me, letting the scene sell it self.

The Battlefield Set Up
I set up the battlefield as I figure it would catch people's eyes and we could change it up before the actual start of a game. After that night I very much realized I need more trees and other kinds of terrain if nothing yes as options. If the multi piece LEGO tries catch your attention, check out my review on them here. The new Merida's Highland Games set has a similar Tree and the set in general is catching me eye but I am getting side tracked.

Stations and Squads
Here we have the squads I brought, should have gotten a closer individual group pictures. On the left are the displaced Terran Transit Marines The Purple Wyrms with there Wind Generator, Comms Station and Armory. On the right we have the Scrappers which are part of the Freelance United Miners with there Beacon, Mining Robot and Peach Transport with a flat tire.

The Purple Wyrms are basically two Soldiers, a melee specialist and a sniper while Scrappers are a Spotting Sniper, Spotting Heavy Guns with two Fast Attack Melee. Our chub squad was design with one or two systems less then the Scrappers do make sure their was no confusion.

My set up certainly did its job getting people's attention and striking up conversation about both rules and settings. It was fun and got me pumped but no one had time to try a game from these first inquiries.

A bit later after I had come back from grabbing dinner the owner of the store brought one of his regulars over who was looking for something different to do. He was glad to try out the game and chose the Purple Wyrms to play which would make him the Initial Defender. I was very excited as this was going to be my first real game!

We went through set up, deciding to keep the field as is and got everything placed. I got so excited I didn't take enough pictures of our play.

The Start

He decided the best defense was going on the offensive which prove to be a mistake as he pretty much walked into easy striking range of Teeth and Fangs.

When the Teeth cleaned up one Solider from the round before, he backed up the other one as Fangs took cover to get ready for another run. Teeth charged at the Purple Wyrm's brave 'knight' while Rainmaker (heavy gunner) soften up the target for Teeth's death-stroke. The snipers traded shots at each other.


Teeth charged forward to claim a station as the team's sniper took out the Purple Wyrm sniper. The surviving Solider ran from Fangs to try and shoot Teeth while escaping the lead shower from Rainmaker.

Pack of Wolves...

With all other frames destroyed from the enemy squad, the Scrappers turned their complete focus to the last soldier and frankly it wasn't pretty.

It was fun to get my first game under my belt and once I got into it we were both getting the rules without having to double check most of the time. I felt a bit bad though because the dice were not with him at all but very much with me but he also might have had a better chance if he went more on the defensive.

So it seem like a partial success; I got my first game and had about ten people interested but so far I am still the only player. I have plans to do another official demo along with just taking the stuff up their randomly given the store is so close to me now. Also thinking about shooting some MFZ movies for Youtube.

"I am still picking two green dice..."

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