Thursday, March 27, 2014

LEGO Chima Crocodile Legend Beast Review for MFZ

Original Review System by Mantis King

The Box
Running late as it is day 4 but no post for day three! So here is your day 3 of Chima Legend Beast but running late. Hopefully I can get to day for! So next we have the Crocodile with it's interesting teeth pieces! Let's get deeper!

Can you build a frame or frames right away?
I did just that, not my best and not my worse! +5

Quad Pod!
Can you build a spaceship or spaceships right away?
Yes internet, I can and this one I believe is bigger then some of my other ones and a bit closer to the size we are seeing in the Alpha Bandit Kickstarter just kind of skinny. +5

Are there "I will cut a ship..." rules?
The teeth pieces work well to make engine piece.
Can you build a station or a piece of cover right away?
There are some good pieces to help make cover but none of the right stuff to make it out of the set but certainly a very interesting station of some kind can be cobbled from this I am certain. +5

Is it below, at or above the golden ratio? (10 cents per part)
Insert loud statement here! $9.99/122 = 8 cents per part! That beats the Wolf and the Gorilla! Wonder how the others will fare? +5

I am hungry, someone hand me a plate?

Does it have more then an handful of immediately useful parts for everyone?
I certainly think so, +5 all around!

Why is there a third eye?
If you can't build a frame right away, does it have parts to do so?
Certainly, look at that 'awesome' quad walker I made along with all those ball joints! +5

I got nothing...
If you can't build a spaceship right away, does it have parts to do so?
Yes, the teeth are great for making engine looking ends and those...grey L shape parts can certainly be used on a spaceship build! +5

The Card and Stickers
If you can't build a station or cover right away, does it have parts to do so?
Yes. +5

Score Card
Frames: 20 for A+
Spaceships: 20 for A+
Everything Else: 20 for A+

Starting to see a pattern with these sets! Now to some more pictures!

Croc side shot!

Not taller like the others but certainly has more mass...and will stab you...

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