Sunday, May 25, 2014

Introducing the Capital Standard and 'standard' talk.

In my last post you might have noticed the appearance of what I have named 'The Capital Standard'.

The Capital Standard
As you can see, The Capital Standard is a very patch worked Mekong-Class carrier which is a Capital scale ship for Intercept Orbit. Guess she was built in a hurry with whatever parts they could find.

Tried to give it some over all uniformity.
So, why do I have the Capital Standard? Well, comparison of course! Right now for the community this is the only 'canon' ship we all have access to so I decided to use it for scale in my ship builds; much like the CHUB for frames.

Why the name? Well, I figure it pretty straight forward. It is a capital ship and is our standard right now so there you go, Capital Standard. Once we get access I do have plans to make a Frigate Standard.

Speaking of Standards, instead of pulling from my 'homeless' Purple Wyrms all the time just having a frame built just to be my CHUB Standard. I was thinking of making it one solid color but I also got the suggest of having it be a UMFL. I like both ideas.

Of course this makes me think about scale and space requirements for builds, both for Rapid Attack and Intercept Orbit. I think this might be a future post, though I think Mantis King as also talked a bit about it on his blog but I can't seem to find the post at the moment.

Well, I hope you look forward to seeing this new Dark Cloud Blogs Regular around in posts, though she has some retrofitting in her future though that Zebra Disk...that will have to stay.

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