Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LEGO Juniors Construction Review for Mobile Frame Zero

The Box
The Box Unwrapped and The Lid Off
Here we have one of the sets aimed to be a bridge between Duplo and the other LEGO sets. I will be honest, I bought this for the box and for two specific style of pieces but we will get into that a bit later.

This set is mostly bricks aka terrain and maybe if your clever enough a station but I don't see you getting a frame or a spaceship out of this so this will be one of my more 'open reviews' instead of using the usual system.

First let's cover the Golden Ration Question: $14.99/160 pieces = $0.09 a piece, below the golden ratio.

So, back to the container. Yes, it shaped like a giant Lego brick but narrows on the sides instead of being straight like other theme containers we have seen. It clearly design to stack with other Juniors sets. Also the set that comes with it doesn't take up much room inside it either. See below:

It comes with two sets of instructions, a first build and a rebuild. I am going to show only the build one and leave the rebuild for you to discovery.

This is how you will find the contents:

The bags are numbered for a reason, 1 and 2 are builds while 3 are the extra bricks for fun. Now lets get a closer look of the pieces.

Bag 1
This combines with the big black car piece to make a truck. There are a few good pieces here for frames or spaceships but not in amount. Of course the shovel or pickaxe could be fun weapons for a frame.

Bag 2 Part One

Bag 2 Part 2
A few fun pieces for frame detailing, or those masonry looking breaks could be fun for stations or terrain. Of course the chain could make a weapon and don't for get the hinge bricks for rulers. Two bad it only two of the 1 x 4 in the set. This bag makes the wrecking ball.

Here is a closer look of the masonry bricks, I like these and wish there was a set in large number. Could be use to make brick homes or something.

Here is another reason I wanted this set was for these pieces. I want to make a lazy susan or such for the Youtube channel.

Bag 3
A few places, a lot of bricks in colors. Lets make some walls! Some sort hinge bricks too.

One these is in here, usually you only get the separator in Huge sets or one of the Technic ones. Now the builds!

Bag One Build
Here is the truck though you are asking why is there Chub there? Well I like the idea of a super large cone or safety sign at a size for a frame...it makes me chuckle.

Bag Two Build
Well, That wall certainly could be used for cover...

Unless a wrecking ball takes it out! Poor chub!

I am here for the Peaches...

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