Monday, May 5, 2014

MFZ, Twitter, Google Hangouts and Youtube with other Stuff

Well it has not been talked about here to much but Dark Cloud Blogs as been expanding and clean up it look if you have not notice. Of course everything centers around this blog with the other elements acting as reach.

Of course what are these elements you ask? For general new post announcements and general Dark Cloud Business we have a Facebook and Google+ pages along with a Twitter Handle.

Now if you want my personal stuff you can do that here on Instagram or Twitter.

Also I am building up to be on Youtube and in fact there is a channel already in place that is current being used to house the Mobile Frame Zero Google Hangouts that this blog has been hosting. Currently we have only had two but plans for a third is in the works.

Besides the Hangouts the purpose of the Youtube channel of the back is to be host for videos to enhance posts and How to Play Vids for Mobile Frame Zero. Also maybe some pure Vlog posts might happen as well.

Speaking of that, clearly MFZ reviews have taken over my blog but I am planning to bring a more personal touch back to my blog which I might talk about later but the reviews are not stopping, I assure you.

So that is what is going on and places to get more Dark Cloud Blogs.

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