Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mobile Alternative Zero: SpruKits - LBX Line

I am always, well not always, but certainly keeping a general eye out for fun alternatives for MF0 besides LEGO. My current eye catcher is SpruKits, specifically their LBX line based on a cartoon (anime maybe?)/3DS Game.

There kits for little robots so it is a perfect fit it seems to me. They have two level of modes (1 and 2) but a modest selection. They don't come with a lot of accessories and I don't think you can swap parts but if you either want a uniform squad or willing to field the different models together I think you could get some options.

I picked up two level 1 models and one level 2 model from TRU; let's go ahead and take a closer look.
The Box

Fantastic packaging, you can see why it got my attention. The beauty of Sprukits is not needing any tools or glue.
For the level one sets the inside of the box also doubles as the instructions! Very environmentally friendly!
Spru 1
Spru 2
Of course it fun putting these things together and it works just as it advertised. It easy to get the pieces out which come off clean or close to clean each time. Everything goes well together and despite that fact the models are nice and sturdy unlike some of my past experiences with some Gundam models when I was growing up.

The Box
Spru 1
Spru 2
Though you can easily and repeatedly some of the parts (Legs, arms, some other stuff) which can help with classic MF0 style system loss.

The Sets
Look great and the stickers were easier to put on then I expected.

Having some fun
Comparison 1
Comparison 2
As you can see the level 1 sets are perfect scale for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack and at $7.99 per set it isn't too bad.

Alright, let's go to Level 2.

The Box
Spru 1 and 2
'Cape' and Strickers
Instructions - Needed something bigger for this.
Spru 3 and 4
As you can see more stickers, more Spru and bigger instructions!

The Set - Front
The Set - Back
It makes a great and detailed model/action figure. Just as before it was easy despite all the parts and still reliable piece to stay together while able to slap parts on/off.

All the comparisons!
Unlike the Level 1s the Level 2s are too big or at least they are at 7p scale. They will run you about $19.99.

Overall I like Sprukits for what they are and for MF0 I think the Level 1 sets could be something interesting for players to explore/experiment with. Of course if your of LBX (I like the game) you might be able to modify Rapid Attack to simulate it using these models; we can talk about on The Hanger.

Stat Cards Below

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