Thursday, June 30, 2016

Voices of Mobile Frame Zero 2016

I know I have brought this up before but now it is time to make it happen! Mobile Frame Zero Online Panel, Title: Voices of Mobile Frame Zero. We are looking at Sept 20 7:00p Eastern. Google Hangout on the Air so anyone can watch and if you miss it the panel will be on YouTube. The Q & A and Showcase features will be on during the broadcast. If you won't be able to watch but have questions then email them to with Voice Questions in the title.
Right now we have Raymond (aka Mantis King) from The Mobile Frame Garage, Samara (aka Serri) of Tribality and of course I (Templeton aka Shades Corvid) of Dark Cloud Blogs will be on the panel as moderator/speaker but I have slots to fill!
I would like to get 7 more people to join us! Do you blog or use to blog about MF0, do you travel around demoing the games, did you creator it, regular post SSCs or feel like a Voice for MF0? Shoot me an email with MF0 Voice in the title at with your preferred name, why you feel you're Voice and any links/media you like to be connected too. Spaces are on a first come, first served basis.

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