Monday, January 9, 2017

Looking at 2016 and Looking to 2017

So I believe this is my first post like this but it makes sense as there wasn't much to anything on this blog until Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack came into my mailbox and I came across Mobile Frame Garage blog.

I have had 50 posts this year which is more than lasts years but not my best. This posts are mostly the familiar reviews of sets for building frames but there are a few what I call showcase posts, a MF0 fiction piece and a bit of Pokemon fan fiction.

I am not that disappointed in only having 50 posts as I have also started creating a YouTube series trying to teach MF0 which is two episodes in and I will finish it (but might take some time.) I also started Mobile Frame 0: University which is a MF0 centered Discord channel. Because of MF0: U the Hangouts are pretty going to be put up or maybe a quarterly thing instead. Perhaps a quarterly check in?

Also locally it seems MF0 is finally picking up so I can have regular games with a local community! All very exciting; and that is pretty much 2016. I hope you enjoyed the ride because I certainly did. Let me know what you thought?

Now for 2017, what is there to besides the usual?

Well first the blog site is now just and if you like to support what I do here I will be opening up a store soon besides just my Patreon account. You can also follow the blog/me on Facebook,G+,  and Twitter (and feel free to share posts you like!).

The finishing up of the YouTube series, maybe trying Voices of MF0 again but the big deal looking forward to in 2017 is going to PAX East (finally!) to meet my new friends and heroes in person along with playing a game of MF0:RA at minifig scale! How exciting! What in Dark Cloud Blogs or in MF0 in general are you looking forward to in 2017?

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