Monday, March 24, 2014

LEGO Chima Gorilla Legend Beast Review for MFZ

Original Review System by Mantis King

The Box...look at that Hammer... O_O
Welcome to the Start of Chima Legend Beast week at Dark Cloud Blogs! As you can see we are starting with the massive Gorilla! Let's Get on with this review!I have seen them at Target, Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart.

Can you build a frame or frames right away?
This is a yes, I build a funny looking walker. I have been using this reviews to flex my LEGO building mind and become more of a 'creative' builder! So, +5

Not as sad looking as the other one...and bigger!
Can you build a spaceship or spaceships right away?
Yes you can and take a look at this bad boy! +5

I don't think there is grappling or melee rules in Alpha Bandit...
Can you build terrain, stations or something else?
I didn't try but there is certainly enough brown and other pieces I am sure you could make some interesting cover or even a station out of this set! +5

The Stickers and the Card for Chima Online; anyone play this?
Is it below, at or below the Golden Ratio? (10 cents per part)
Math time! $9.99/107 = 9 cents per part so below if not barely! +5

If you can't build a frame right away, does it have parts that are immediately useful?
The small ball joints are certainly interesting and several other parts that see some common use depending on what you are building. Even some new parts I haven't seen besides the small ball joints. +5

If you can't build a spaceship right away, does it have parts that are immediately useful?
Yes, several parts I think would be good for spaceships. +5

If you can't build a station or cover right away, does it have parts that are immediately useful?
Yes, so much brown! +5

The Ball Joint Pieces
Does it have more then a handful of useful parts for everybody?
Yes it certain does I think! +5

New one for me I think...
Frames: 20 for A+
Spaceships: 20 for A+
Stations and Terrain: 20 for A+

A Plus across the board, amazing! Though I have a feeling not many people will want to work with brown but look at that HAMMER! Now for the completed model and some fun!
Come at me Bro!
As you can see, much bigger then a standard CHUB
I want two pieces...
I hold the Power of Thor...and a little shield...

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