Thursday, March 20, 2014

LEGO Creator Emerald Express Review for MFZ

Original Review System by Mantis King.

The Box
So here is another cool set that I really like, not for parts and prices but for the fact that is a neat looking train! This is another one that I but in groups so I could put together all three forms so yes all three builds do connect. I am planning to put this on my table as is but sadly I am pretty sure standard LEGO tracks are too big for this set so...will have to figure that out.

Can you build a frame or frames right away?
I failed so no; -5

Can you build a spaceship or spaceships right away?
Yes you can! +5 for spaceships!

Can you build terrain, station or something else for the field?
The trains themselves are awesome, pretty sure they are in scale so that alone makes a yes! +5

Is it below, at or above the Golden Ratio? ($0.10 per part)
$4.99/56 = $0.09 for below the Ratio giving us a +5!

If you can't build a frame right away does it have parts that can be used to build a frame right away?
Yes there is! +5

If you can't build a spaceship right away does it have parts that can be used to build a spaceship right away?
but of course there is +5!

Useful parts for other stuff?
Yes +5!

Does it have more then a handful of immediately useful parts?
Frames: There are certainly some interesting parts in this set but it breaks about even with parts that aren't so I will say no for -5.
Spaceships: Yes for +5
Other: Of course this is +5

What is the score card?
Frames: 0 = B Thought this set would score at least slightly higher for this.
Spaceships: A+
Everything Else: A+

Well if you want to introduce trains onto your battlefield for cover or special scenarios I think this is the set given that it provides two different style of engines and cars. Though the Xmas train should connect to it and I would think the Hogwarts Mini Express could be easily modified to do the same I think.

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  1. So it looks like someone had to go prove me wrong... but as he says in the post he had to really work for it.